Bisi MacGregor Presents:

Journey to Freedom

Discover A 3 Step plan to Set Your Heart’s Mission in Motion - so you can finally do what you love and have more joy.

True Center Woodstock

3353 Trickum Road , Suite 100, Woodstock, GA 

February 27th, 2019 | 1pm 

In this FREE 90 Minute Masterclass, YOU will discover…

  • The power in getting crystal clear on what you want your life to look like, so you can begin to set your Heart’s mission in motion. This means that you will begin to feel inspired and motivated to kick start your heart’s mission.


  • Why the Stretch-Risk-Die™ tool is your best life shifting tool and how to use it to take more risks and get more confidence.


  • How your hidden fears keep you stuck in your comfort zone and why this is costing you precious time, peace of mind, and freedom.


  • The path to overcoming all fear-based issues that are holding you back in your heart’s mission and life. This means no more frustration, un-fulfillment, guilt, or feeling trapped. Time for yourself and the things that matter to you


  • A deeper understanding of how fear works and how to master it. This will bring you clarity as well as give you permission to bring your mission to life with full self-confidence

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