Trust Yourself, Really?

April 12, 2017

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“In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


How many times have you seen or read something someone’s accomplished and you said to yourself “I had that thought before.” Or simply remembered you had the same or similar idea or thought and you dismissed it for whatever reason.  So what held you back from expressing that idea or thought? What got in the way?


I know for me, it’s been thoughts like “ahh, I’m not sure that’s a great idea!” or “Wait, are you kidding?  People are going to think you are officially stupid.” Nope…not good

Many people get hyped up and hurt by betrayal from friends, family, coworkers – I guess everyone at some point has been betrayed by someone else and it hurts, it damages connections and builds a wall around us sometimes.  Yet I ask you, how many of you have betrayed yourselves?




Some have argued “Trusting yourself” is the key of success and building a strong personality


What does that even mean - “trust yourself?”


To me trusting myself means to honor that which comes from within [me]; not as ‘the’ truth yet ‘my truth/my opinion’ and a piece of the puzzle. It is about including ‘me’ in the bigger picture, placing value on me.


You see we can be our best and strongest supporter, so how about starting there? Learning to trust yourself:

  • Being aware of your Needs and taking care of them

  • Honoring our own thoughts & feelings

  • Practice gentleness not perfection

I remember the first time I heard “Be Gentle with yourself” – I thought “huh?! What? What does that even mean?”  Truth is, many of us were not taught how to “deal” with ourselves – how to practice gentleness and kindness with ourselves.  We were mainly taught and shown how to be kind and gentle with other people – making others the priority. 


Well, the tide has turned, how about we take care of ourselves from now?  Not saying others aren’t a priority yet that you are just as important. Let’s think about it, what’s in a relationship that includes a ‘shaky’ you?


So, How can you begin to practice trusting yourself? 


Leave me a comment if this resonates with you. And share steps you will take to begin to practice trusting yourself.


Bisi MacGregor

Certified Fearless Living Coach

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