Your Vision is Yours!

January 24, 2019

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Whether you want to rock climb, travel blog, dog groom, care for other people’s children, sing, be a janitor, an activist, change the healthcare system, or make a million bucks a year or $50,000 a year; it’s your prerogative and it’s your vision. No one else’s.


Have you approached a friend or family about your thoughts of changing your job and starting your own business because of how soul sucking your current job is? And they reply with such a downcast response of how everything out there sucks, you are much better in the spot that you are, they don’t understand why you’d want to leave a good paying job for a business that you aren’t sure of.


Again, your vision is yours. When that nudge or knock comes on your heart, only you know and understand what it says, how it feels and what you yearn for. Do not expect other people to understand your vision because only you were gifted the understanding of it so you can birth it.


Would it be great to have support? Absolutely!  However, the moment you find that your vision is being prodded at in a negative way and as an attack, you must learn to decipher whom to let in on your vision.


If you are looking for a supportive group of people who have a vision they are excited to live out, then join me for The Virtual Vision Board Experience on January 26th.


It’s going to be about setting your intention for the year, clarifying your vision, and creating aligned goals to go after your vision and you’ll have the opportunity to walk away with a proven strategy to help you achieve your goals so you can actualize your vision.

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