How Negative Chatter Hinders Commitment

May 29, 2017

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It’s May 29th, and wait you want to meet up when? “Next weekend, - Saturday afternoon, June 3rd ? At Noon?” “ hmm, GULP…uhhhhh”  Does anyone ever feel a heaviness when it comes to making a commitment?

Let’s have dinner next weekend – “Uhmm, hmm, I might have something to do,” “I know I will be tied up for a couple of hours and then I might get stuck in traffic….” the “excuses” go on and on. Yes, that was my life and yes, it does still sneak in from time to time.


What is the issue? What exactly am I afraid of? What exactly was I avoiding? Wait, what? You don’t know? I’m going to be alone with this person for at least 2 hours and I’m supposed to come up with something to say. As in the words of my 5 yr old niece “No way Jose!”


What do I do when that inevitable “silence” visitor stops by and hovers ? I have nothing to offer!! 

Yes, that was the chatter in my head most times so I played alone; far away from people. So I wouldn’t be judged, so I wouldn’t be visited by the “Silent Visitor” and have to figure out how to get out of this pickle.  Well, that space and time, I can tell you was pretty darn lonely.


Something had to give - I began having a different discussion with myself  - for starters, there is no room or audience for that kind of chatter any longer. We, and I mean I do not accept that kind of speak around or in me anymore.  I don’t talk to others like that, what makes it ok to speak to me like that?


Then I began trusting me and what came from within and giving it a voice. In that trust and commitment to myself lies another unveiling of my potential.  And cutting down the excuses and stretching myself to make solid commitments began expanding me; however, little the committment


 might seem.


And solidifying a commitment to me means I see whatever it is through to the end. It means I leave no routes to escape – It means I burn every bridge that might lead me to get distracted from the said commitment. No going back, Do not pass Go...Go directly to jail, ah, sorry, that’s Monopoly. Bottom line – there’s no turning back. I go for it, execute, make good on my commitment and allow what happens to happen. 


I must say honoring my commitments have been glorious. Now, I’m not 100% in this area ‘yet’ and not sure if I can ever be honestly; however, when I find that I’m hiding behind the shadows or fallen off my commitment wagon, I get back on again and simply try again.


Not only do I get a high off of simply honoring my word; I am forging new relationships; building trust with others and deem myself pretty darn reliable and accountable because ”Anyone can dabble, but once you've made that commitment, your blood has that particular thing in it, and it's very hard for people to stop you.” --Bill Cosby


One more thing…

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