Willing vs. Ready

June 12, 2019

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When someone comes to me for coaching; I’m looking for two key things:

  1. Are you ready?

  2. Are you willing?

Many believe they are ready.  After all they reached out for support, they are on a call with me. Are you truly ready? Ready to invest in yourself? That means, time, energy, and yes, Money.  Are you ready?

And then,

Are you willing?
• Are you willing to see things differently? Press pause on what you already know.
• Are you willing to entertain new ideas, new viewpoints?
• Are you willing to hang up your “already known way of listening”?
• Are you willing to go there? Sit in the mess? Rumble through it?
• Are you willing to admit fear has been making your decisions in the area where you've been less than happy?
• Are you willing to open up to true permanent transformation?

See being ready is one thing, being willing is yet another…and a big one.  There’s the common saying, you can force a horse to the river, but you cannot make it drink. 



Where in your life or business can be up the notch on your willingness? So you can experience something new, perhaps a the transformation you've dreamed of forever.

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June 12, 2019

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