Are you moving towards the life you want or away from an alternative that scares you?

May 19, 2019

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Think about it for a minute.

Are you staying at that dead-end, soul sucking job because you think no one else will hire you? Or that you cannot get paid to actually do what you love?  And this leaves you frustrated, discontent, unfulfilled…?

Did you get married to him because you knew for sure he is Mr.Right or because you thought it’s about time you were married, biological clock is ticking, and he definitely fits the bill for Mr.Right ‘Now’?  And this leaves you settling, unfulfilled, enjoying flashes of momentary happiness?

Are you still serving the same clients even though they aren’t paying you what you worth because you think you might get rejected if you proposed your services to other prospects? And this leaves you dry, unfulfilled, angry, victimized, and tolerating?

Many people are doing life with their hearts racing, pupils dilating, palms sweaty and that gets exhausting and can never be fulfilling. 

Essentially, many are caught in a spiral of fear - afraid of losing your jobs, your savings, not fitting in; and that fear overtakes our brains. This makes it impossible to go after what you truly desire in life.

All those dreams of making an impact in the world, being a mentor to the young, starting or expanding your business, adopting a child, becoming the 1st…
All of that stays a dream if you do not master your mindset.

You must get to a point where you know how fear works and how to process it differently so that you can live a fulfilling, content, and happy life.  This is the work I am committed to doing – helping you master your mindset so you can live a life unhindered.

It’s time to own your life and own your personal power.  Reach out to me, if you are ready to  moving towards what you want in life instead of away from an alternative.

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