The Magic Art of Letting Go

May 8, 2019

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Nothing a glass of red wine can't solve...but wait, let me explain.


I was in a funk. I felt like my creative genie took a day off without giving me notice and there I was fending for myself and it sucked! I felt lost. I felt alone. I felt like the day definitely had 43 hours plus more (perhaps my prayers from years ago were finally answered)


So, I was determined to make the day productive, I had to write, create lesson plans, cook - but It was like climbing mount Kilimanjaro with a 250 lb bag on my back. It just wasn't happening.


And then I remembered - How about letting go? What an idea?


Poured myself a glass of red wine, put on some music, sat on the couch and just breathed in deeply. Within 3 minutes, I had a beautiful idea for my article, and in came an email notification from one of the follow ups I had earlier on!


It's amazing what happens when you can let go and not get so attached to how it all must turn out. It really reminded me of my time in Costa Rica earlier this year and how much I got done in a week yet with a lot of play time and space in the days.


So, I invite you to play letting go, not getting too attached to what you want the outcome to look like.  And if you are ready to live a life unhindered, let's chat - I'll help you break through all the shackles that have held you hostage and kept you unhappy.

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