Could it be your mindset?

April 1, 2019

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..but I only have experience in this field
...what if I run into traffic again
...what if I get judged
...what if I fall short
...but there are so many people running the same business
...what if they reject my proposal or steal it


And the stories go on and on and on and on ....
And you find yourself shrinking more more more


...what if your experience is enough as it is

...what if the traffic protected you from an accident

...what if you hit the nail on the head

...what if people love and flock to your business because you incorporated a key ingredient that makes it unique - YOU

...what if that's the chance you get to actually re-write this proposal you know you've been wanting to rewrite.
...what if someone is waiting for that exact solution you are holding hostage in your heart


Can you lean into trusting that what comes from you is enough?

Can you focus more on what could go RIGHT instead of what might go WRONG?


This habit on focusing on what is wrong keeps you small. This habit robs you of momentum and movement forward. 

This habit will rob you of your heart's desire.


Next time you notice “a what could go wrong” scenario popping up, I challenge you to come up with 2 things that could go right and keep moving forward.


The world awaits YOUR heart's work

And if you have trouble getting back what's in your heart,


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