Who has your back?

February 21, 2019

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It was a bright, beautiful, sunny day with the light breeze from the water cooling the temperature just enough to enjoy a sit down outside with a cocktail.  I was at the retreat at Papagayos in Costa Rica. We had broken out into groups and worked on our projects - I used my phone to take notes throughout and then I got that splurge of ideas and I couldn’t type fast enough on my phone. I decided to go back to my room to grab my laptop.


Got dropped off by the shuttle, entered the room - the air conditioned room felt so good on my skin and I resisted the temptation to lie on the bed.  Grabbed my laptop and headed for the door to meet up with the team at our meeting place. Swung the door open and BOOM! There it was! A lizard! Sunbathing right at my doorstep!

How could I forget it was smack in the middle of the day, sun blistering, and it was their play time.  Needless to say, I slammed the door so fast and retreated to the middle of my bed!


I felt trapped. I felt like I was being held hostage in my own room.  This couldn’t be happening again. The first time was worse and it was in Bali, I talked about it here.  How was I going to meet up with the team? Or ever get out of this room.


All I had to do was send a text to my group to say “I’d love to meet up with you ladies but I am being held hostage in my room by those little friends. HELP!” And within minutes, Ann was at my door - “I’m here to rescue you!” To my delight, I opened the door, I got into a shuttle and went off to meet the ladies and poured out the much needed ideas onto my laptop!


That incident (and the other) reminds me of being held hostage by your stories and fears. Do you have a dream that you’ve held in your heart and know it in your soul but can’t seem to get it out there because each time you kick it off, you get frustrated, overwhelmed?

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself you aren’t the right person for the job? Or may be you battle with feeling like you are not good enough? Perhaps, you’ve given up on kick starting it again because you never seem to complete anything you start?


Whatever your story might be, you have an “Ann” at your door to help ward away the little critters and your “Ann” is C.O.A.T , The Circle of Accountability. I created it especially for you, so we can hold hands while you kickstart that dream and bring it to fruition.  And I have made C.O.A.T super affordable for you so it’s just as easy as Ann coming to rescue me.


For approximately $21/ month, you have a professional coach to nudge you, support you, challenge you along the way, and empower you to shatter the critter...stories that have held you hostage all these years.  

How about finally achieving that goal you've been dreaming of.

Join me in C.O.A.T Now! 


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