Is your vision Foggy?

January 17, 2019

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It was windy, cold, foggy, and icy.  I had just stepped out of the car, in the middle of highway 22 in a winter storm to clean off my windshield.  My defogger, deicer, and wipers couldn’t keep up with how fast the windshield was freezing over.


Needless to say, I was smack in the middle of the highway because everywhere was covered with snow or ice and here I was looking nervously behind me for oncoming cars, and frantically also trying to wipe a small piece of my windshield while snow blew in my face.  Talk about danger! And why was I out there? To “make it into the office” in order make a deadline.


I digress.  Here’s the thing, I had to stop a couple of times to wipe my windshield to get a better view of where I was going.  Needless to say, I put my life in danger each time I stopped. This isn’t any different from our lives. When we walk around with foggy vision,  you will find yourself lost, delaying, waiting, wishing, distracted before you can move on.


Having a foggy vision for you life is like having no direction. You have a tendency to miss your desired destination.  How many times have you started a role at a job and a couple of months down the road, you realize this really isn’t what you want.  How many times have you gone down the path of dating someone and then realize, this isn’t where I want to be at all. How did I get here?


I get it, it can be scary sometimes creating a clear vision because you feel you are going to miss out on whatever you do not include in your vision.   Here’s the truth, when you make your vision fuzzy, foggy, vague, general - You simply miss out!


So, do yourself a favor - Make your vision clear! I want to be healthier... Paint the picture of healthier for you because it's relative for everyone. I want to be richer...what does that mean? What does it look like? What does it feel like? How do YOU measure it?


One of the biggest traps many fall into is a vision of wanting to successful. Only you know what's successful to you and you have got to paint that picture with clarity for yourself.


You might be making $50,000 a year and some folks might say wow, you are super successful, others might say you are lazy or not trying hard enough.  Yet, only you know that your $50,000 is highly sufficient for you, in addition to that what you truly value is time and freedom and you happen to have that in abundance therefore, in your eye, you are successful.  


What am I saying, get clear on what truly matters to you, what you value so you can have a richer, clearer, and vivid vision for your life.  This is why I’ve created the Virtual vision board experience.


It’s not your typical vision board exercise of cutting and pasting pictures on a board.  We will be going deep into your mindset, into the frame of mind you need to be in to go after your desires, we dive deep into what you value and what truly matters to you so you can paint a meaningful vision for your life; and lastly, we cover a proven strategy that will help you get out of your own way so you can finally go after what you want with confidence.  Ready to dive in and make your year phenomenal - secure your spot now.

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