Life Without a Vision

January 10, 2019

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I was inspired to create “The Virtual Vision Board+ Experience” after speaking with a friend who expressed completing her vision board for 2018 but it didn’t help her during the year because she had no idea how to get from where she was to what she’d put on the board.  

Each one of us is accountable for our current condition.  When you imagine your life one year from today and things seem to be the same, then that’s all your doing. The first question is do you have a vision?

When you have no vision for your life, one of 2 things happen for you and we’ll go into detail about those things.

A vision is like a dream only that it is active and on-going and desirous. You strive to achieve your vision.  A vision allows you to live a fully engaged and exciting life and I know that’s what you want.

The truth is as human beings, we need direction to feel fulfilled. What do you wake up striving to achieve? What do you go to bed yearning for?
In my opinion, there are 2 things that happen when you have no vision for your life.


You return to past

It’s almost like re-watching an old movie.You tend to replay what you’ve already lived and experienced.Therefore, last year looks identical to 3 years ago as it did 7 years ago. Your relationships look the same or dwindle.Your behavior never improves, at best it’s stagnant otherwise, it deteriorates because at this stage you are experiencing frustration, unhappiness, and un-fulfillment all around.

You follow the vision of others

You find yourself embracing a vision dictated to you by someone else or taking on the vision of the culture around you.At the end of the day, it’s incompatible with who you have been called to be; it becomes misaligned with what you are born to be and not in sync with your heart’s desire.Again, this leaves you demoralized, confused, unfocused and unfulfilled constantly.
So, yes, I created “The Virtual Vision Board+ Experience” with you in mind.  It’s a 3 Hour workshop that will not only cover the creation of your vision board, but to also guide you in articulating the vision for your life that’s in your heart; creating aligned goals, and teaching you an effective step by step strategy to achieving those goals so you can walk in that vision for the year. Join me in the VVB+ Experience, it’s on January 26th and the fee is $50 only for the early birds. You can secure your spot Here.

Discovering and developing a vision for your life is of utmost importance, because when you do, it allows you to set goals to make that vision successful. Side note, your vision isn’t your goal.  You get to create goals from your vision.  And when you have a vision and goals that are aligned you become focused, energized, motivated, and inspired. 


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