[4 of 4 Part Series]: Things you might experience if you were living out your heart's mission - Part 4

January 2, 2019

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TRUTH: No one likes to be around a sourpuss (except other sourpusses!).  You know that saying: misery loves company. I know of a lady that is so unpleasant to be around that others make a conscious effort to exclude her from celebrations, gatherings, casual lunches, or quick after hour get together all because they have a way of bringing the mood down, casting a shadow or cloud around the aura. Ugh!  Enough of that, let’s stick to something lighter.


The good news is that when you are happy and living out your heart’s mission, something happens that cannot be denied.

It feels like the sun shines brighter, the sunset seems more beautiful, it feels like people aren’t as nasty as you once thought, and it just seems like there’s an ease about everything around you.


That isn’t a coincidence, the sun isn’t shining any brighter or just shining on you – what’s happened is a shift inside of you.

Because you are living out your heart’s mission, you feel better about your life, you are happier, you not only feeling happy, you radiate positivity and you become pure joy to be around.


And that becomes a massive gift because your relationships begin to improve because people want to be around you; all the negativity that you once projected on them no longer exist or you can easily and confidently resolve them; they feel at ease being around you and you bring some light to their lives.


I know you are light; the question is: Are you ready and willing to shine so you can be the joy that you were born to be and bring to others?  


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