[2 of 4 Part Series]: Things you might experience if you were living out your heart's mission - Part 2

December 20, 2018

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Have you ever been around someone you know who is living their life’s purpose? Isn’t it inspiring to watch--they seem to just exude happiness all around. Things seem effortless and light around them.


And it leads you wondering - Is this accessible for me? For someone like me? The short answer is this – Yes!


The more detailed answer lies within you – your willingness to find your purpose and take the necessary actions to live your life according to your purpose.


I believe we are born with a dream or mission in our hearts and the moment you step into that space and live from that space, you are engaged in not only what you know you are called to do, it also comes so naturally to you and you love it.  You find that you begin to experience happiness and harmony in your life and in your business/work.


And furthermore, when you are living out your heart’s mission or living out your life’s purpose, you in some way automatically give others permission to live out their lives on purpose. And bearing witness to that and knowing that you are playing a part in enriching the life of someone else shoots up the happiness meter.


So, it’s no secret that when you live out your heart’s mission, you not only experience happiness; you begin having harmony in your life and business--and the chase for work-life balance becomes a thing of the past.


When was the last time you truly experienced happiness in your life?


Would you like to experience harmony in your life and business? If so, consider joining me on the “Journey to Freedom”program.

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