How clear are you about your future?

October 31, 2018

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Kids are the best teachers I find. This conversation between my niece and I reminds me of one of the big issues some of my clients have and I have personally dealt with.


Firstly, I tell you these kids have such an active social life it's unbelievable. First it was the ghost walk in the park, then it's the Halloween party in school.


Anyways, I digress


Me: Who are you going to dress as?


Niece: Uma


Me: "Who's that?"


Niece: "OMG! Aunty! Uma from The Descendants 2"


Me: Oh! That movie, The Descendants! Got it.


Niece: 2


Me: Huh?


Niece: Descendants "2"


Me: 🤨🤐🤨






Not Descendants....Descendants 2 ( I have no idea if Uma is in 1 or what she looks like in either - don't judge me)


How clear are you about what you want?


How much time do you spend getting crystal clear about your desires, your heart's mission, and what it'll feel like if you finally birthed it?


We are quickly approaching the end of 2018; Have you started to spend time thinking on what you desire for 2019? What you really desire? 


One of my clients once said to me, the best jobs I've ever held where I felt happy, and I was aligned with the mission of the company are the jobs where I was really clear on what I wanted and went straight for those roles.


There's a better chance for you to get what you desire when you are CLEAR about what you want or where you are going.


If getting clear is what has you back peddling on birthing your heart's mission - reach out to me, let's have a chat. 


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