Could you be addicted to negative thinking?

September 12, 2018

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Could you be addicted to negative thinking? Is negative getting in your way of progress and success?


I agree breaking old habits is not always easy including the habit of going down the negative thinking path regularly.  I lived here for a long time and my imagination was incredibly active and vivid when it came to my negative thinking. 


Not only does science prove that our thoughts form pathways in our brains (called neural pathways); they also say  that our brains can actually be addicted to negative emotions, depression, doubt, anxiety, anger, or pure drama.


Think about your daily route to work or the grocery store.  If you are like most, you find yourself already on the path, unquestioned.  You don’t have to think about what route to take, you have already formed a habit.  It’s the same with your thoughts if you are the one that goes to the negative thinking often, you are consistently creating neural pathways solidifying a habit of negative thinking and the emotions that go with them.



Following the same pathway over and over and over again becomes well worn.  It becomes very comfortable, it becomes familiar; it’s what you know.  And the danger here is this:


You no longer see the SOLUTIONS

You no longer see the OPPORTUNITIES

You no longer see the TRUTH


Go back to your familiar route to work, when you ride with someone new who hasn’t taken that path before, they almost always point out something along the route that you miss everyday because you no longer see it.  Test it out if you doubt me.


This is one of the reasons breaking old habits can be challenging


Good News


Just like you can change your route to work or the grocery store; you can form new neural pathways in your brain by engaging in new habits – forming new thoughts and emotions and what eventually happens is the old pathways disappear from lack of use.


I am creating a new habit of writing and meditating every morning and the habit of snoozing my alarm is slowly disappearing.


You can do the same and I can help you.  It’s the reason I am running this FREE webinar on the 3 Basic Principles to help you Break the Mold and you are invited.


Leading up the webinar, think about the area of your life you want to form a new habit.  Invite a friend.  For more information, visit:






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