Difference between your CAN and CAN'T

August 13, 2018

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Hey! Hey!! Here! Beautiful fan for beautiful lady -  the middle aged man handed me a small wooden carved fan that spread out with inscriptions etched onto each blade. It was beautiful and it sits on the corner shelf in my living room today.


I was drawn into this shop owned or at least managed by this middle aged man who was quick to point out one animal carving and the next to me to entice me into buying a few pieces. The intricate details on each wood carving was exquisite; from dining tables, to animals, to ornaments.  Each piece I picked up had more detail and was even more beautiful than the previous.



It was almost a 3 hour drive to my hotel in Hangzhou from the train station; little did I know.  I could have flown directly into Yiwu - you live and learn, right? I recall passing by this huge construction site.  It got my attention when I looked up 3 minutes after first seeing it that it still was the sight as we drove along. 

"What are they building here?" I exclaimed.  Hotel? I thought.  It can't be; that's a humongous hotel.  So, I pulled out my google translate app and asked the question.  The driver answered and the translation was "A town!" 


Wait, these apps can be funny, let me re-frame the question, so I did and his response again was "A town."  OK!


When I got to my destination and linked up with my English speaking contact, I asked the same question in English verbally, and he answered "A town or city"  The area is getting developed, people from the villages come out here to work so they are building a new town so people can dwell here; will include schools, it's own power plant, water supply etc


Now, I've heard of constructing roads,boreholes, building large hotels, schools, estates, but a whole town?! 


To think that I could have missed witnessing a whole new town built or even the idea that a town is born. See, I enjoy travelling and yearn to travel; however, I always thought I had to travel with someone.  I had to have someone there with me so I felt safe, so I'd enjoy my travels, someone to summon the courage to engage in whatever activities I chose.


Not long after, I simply had a belief that I “couldn't” travel alone.  I’m unable to travel by myself I believed.


The truth is we do not always recognize our limiting assumptions which eventually become our beliefs and those beliefs become our truths. 


What are your limiting or constraining assumptions? 


When I chose to travel to China solo, I heard the voice while I was in the process of getting my travel documents –


"You can’t travel alone" 

"You will be taken advantage of."

"You don’t understand the language.You will get lost." 

"You might never return. Who will know what happened to you?"


So the next time you find yourself saying "I can't.." - Dig deeper.  What's in the way of CAN?


We need to question our assumptions.  Probe them because they come from and are based on some limited perspective.  Ask yourself some clarifying questions to explore assumptions and increase your perspective so you can find out what's true for you.


If you are ready to dig into your limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.  I'd love to help.  Feel free to send me a note here.





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