Freedom Celebration: Are you free?

July 4, 2018

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A day of independence, a day of celebration. Flags waving on every other lawn and cars passing by; pumps and crackle sounds of fireworks go on for days.  The aroma of char-grilled chicken, hotdogs, and burgers looming around the neighborhood.  People are celebrating 'freedom.'



I'll be at a BBQ at my brother's today and watching the fireworks tonight as well. My niece is making the mac and cheese, she makes the best she insists which means I  had to do some grocery shopping for this day.  How did you prep? How are you celebrating?



As you celebrate this day of FREEDOM, I ask you to reflect on yourself as well. Are you FREE? Who and what do you need to declare your independence from? Your voice of fear perhaps?


Are you able to say yes when you mean yes?

Are you fully trusting yourself and others?

Are you able to follow your desires and that calling laid on your heart?

Are you still stuck at that job that sucks life out of you?

Are you thriving in your life?




Are you simply surviving hoping to get free one day to follow your dreams?


The truth is you need to make a declaration - take a hard stance.  Make a choice. Choose you.

You are always making a choice. Even when you do and say nothing. 


Doing nothing is a choice. 

The words you didn’t speak, 

The head you turned away,

The project you didn’t launch, 

The trust you didn't exercise,

The tongue you held when your intuition said something,

The hand you didn’t lend…

The action you don't take

Whatever you choose is your responsibility. 


What choices are you making daily to set you on your path of freedom?


Let's spend 12 weeks together to craft out your true path to freedom. You will learn to embrace your inner confidence and give yourself permission to break the mold so you can realize true freedom and every desire that lives in your soul.


You can start here and start now.


Remember, it's your responsibility.


Happy 4th of July!


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