TEDx: 5 Great Lessons of Courage

June 22, 2018

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On this day a year ago, I was so honored to give my first TEDx Talk at The Mezzanine NYC 

It was such an amazing, exhilarating experience for me and such a huge confirmation of Life supporting me and teaching me. A couple of lessons I learned.



Fear will always keep you small

That's a big indicator that fear might be running your life.
See I had moments before even applying of 'what the hell are you even thinking of doing? Who do you think you are? You finally got Certified as a Life Coach and a Trainer and you think a #TEDx stage is what's next?'


Make sure you have a Circle of Life
In my work with my clients, I always touch on this. Who is in your circle? Are they breathing life into you or are they draining you of life?
I had some life givers in my circle thank God who nudged me, lovingly challenged me and encouraged me all the way. One of my #1 was Carrie, she just wouldn't let it be. Apply Bisi, you have to do this! 


Let your passion and gifts guide you
I'd known that I wanted to change lives - Women's lives especially, I'd known I wanted to speak in front of a large audience, facilitate workshops, and teach yet my lizards (my fears) would creep up.

You can't!

How many lives?

Perhaps next year. 
I chose to stay grounded and remind myself of my gift, of my passion and simply surrender to it. And it's one of the most beautiful acts you can do for yourself.


Life Mirrors You
Once I surrendered, the rest was taken care of. Last minute, I got told, you will be closing the show as opposed to being in the middle.

Wait what? Me? Close the show? 

Who do you know shows up?

Yup, the 🦎!!!

Oh the pressure...it has to be perfect.  You can't possibly deliver!
And it's exactly when I needed to and leaned into and surrendered even more to my gifts. Guide me! 

Support is around you
Surrendering was one thing, and knowing Life is supporting me is another, how it does that simply amazes me. 

I walked in that hall and the way I was supported by the crew, you would have thought Beyonce was headlining and had just arrived. That's how I felt! It was pure love.

A lot of times the support and love we need and yearn for is around us, the question is - what do you choose to see?


So today, I honor my journey and those that have supported me along the way. Thank You ❤


And if you are ready to surrender to your gifts and start living out your dreams and desires, send me a message. I'd love to have a chat with you.

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