How to Transition from Scattered Low Energy to Fully Alive and purposeful

June 19, 2018

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I ended up taking a drive to the lake, it was a bright and sunny morning with a cool breeze, sitting by the lake guzzling down my cold bottled water, watching the ducks waddle past, butterflies flutter, and simply watching the ripples in the water was divine. Connecting with nature always boosts my energy, it’s a natural medicine for me; I went into a meditation during my hour there and I finally felt at rest.


Rest – my mind was far away from rest 3 hours prior to this. See, I woke up that morning, did part of my routine – my meditation, didn’t make it to the gym and I skipped out on my journaling. I felt out of sorts really is the truth, energy was a tad low, so my focus wasn’t where I’d like it to be especially delivering a masterclass later on that day.


I had my list that I had scheduled to attend to during the day and even that was a struggle as I picked one up and moved to another without completing the first.  When I realized my mind and focus wasn’t at rest, I took the drive.


Have you ever felt scattered? A bit out of sorts? Perhaps,your strive to reconnect to get your mind and energy back up where it will better serve you.  But you struggle to find the ways you can connect with yourself? You wish you could be more aware of the times and moments when you need to stop, slow down, and simply relax?


Not too long ago like many high achieving women I have spoken with, I went on and on and on and on again until I was completely burned out and my body would yell - STOP!!!  This usually manifested in migraines, a head cold, fatigue, dullness, and change in my appetite. 


Today, I know better because I have the awareness foremost to tune in and take notice, and the skills to address what is coming up for me and the tools to take care of myself to get me back to wholeness. 


For this reason, I am opening up 10 spaces for high achieving women that are ready to take a 6 Week Intensive journey to their freedom. Truth is, you are not alone and it's time you start feeling fully alive and in alignment with what truly matters to you. 


Imagine a life where you have a clear sense of what brings you joy and you have the confidence to choose it everyday; that's one of the results you will get from this 6 week intensive. 


What if you could tune into yourself and make yourself a priority? What could be possible for your relationships, your family, your life?


If this calls to you in any way, schedule a "free" no pressure strategy call with me to learn more about the program.


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