The Trap that Sabotages You

June 12, 2018

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Sweating from the sweltering heat, guzzling down water and coconut water to keep me hydrated, I felt like it was 228 degrees, yet I wanted to visit more temples.  The other four temples I had just left were all exquisite in their structure, design, and there was a serenity about each of them. 

 One more stop and then lunch, my driver parked right at the entrance gate of Wat Arun - the Temple of Dawn.  He said I couldn't leave Bangkok without checking out this temple.

Like the other temples, Wat Arun took my breath away; it towers over the Chao Phraya River.  The colorful, intricate details were simply stunning.  Each detail made up of pieces of colored glass and Chinese porcelain. Like a baby learning to walk, I counted my steps, climbing up those stairs and wow at the top, behold the beauty of Bangkok.

Wait, I was in Bangkok. Alone.  If I knew I could have traveled alone and enjoyed it, I would have done this a while ago.  See, once upon a time, I waited , and waited for everyone to get ready so we could travel and adventure together.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.


I noticed the narrative of  Wat Arun states that it has existed since the seventeenth century yet its distinctive prang/spires were built in the early nineteenth century.  It's all about creating, renovating, evolving, becoming,


It reminded me of who I was a few years back, afraid, timid, yet smart and eager to live out my highest potential but something was in the way.  I realized my personal power was in the hands of friends and whomever else I freely gave it up to; I couldn't live the life I desired because of it. So, in pursuit of my highest self, I embarked on reclaiming my power. And that I did and it's the reason I was able to see and experience Wat Arun first hand.


Maybe you feel the same way: waiting, wishing, hoping for someone, something, or an organization to rescue you.  It's time for you to reclaim your power and make your own dreams come true.  For that reason, I have created a Free 2 Day Masterclass so you can uncover the #1 Trap that sabotages your success and learn how to get out of it and overcome it so you can do the things you desire when you choose.


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