Choked by My Voice, Suffocated by My Culture

June 9, 2018

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Such a beautiful day, I remember.  It was last summer, heading to a high school friend's 40th birthday party.  I re-united with many of my school mates that I hadn't seen in over 2 decades.  As fulfilling, exciting, and happy as it was, it brought back some memories for me.



"Hush! Adults are talking"


"It's rude to speak when adults are speaking"


"You do not talk back to an adult"


These are common phrases I heard when I was young either by family, family friends, other families, in churches, schools, gatherings, name it.  Growing up in a culture that lays significant importance on 'resp


ect' where you are constantly hushed and shushed; I can understand how one's voice gets sucked in. 


Very quickly, you learn to put a lid on it lest you get punished for speaking up or out.


Put a lid on long enough and your voice turns into a different kind of chatter.  Chatter and thoughts that look like:


"I can't speak up. I don't matter"

"No one sees me"

"My opinion doesn't matter"

"Should I say that?"

"Can I say that? It might be wrong."


You begin second guessing yourself, not knowing if and when to speak up. Your confidence falls flat right under you; self esteem shot!


Imagine what that looks like in a professional meeting among your peers and management.


Imagine what that child as a College Student, even high school student looks like in a classroom where they have a burning question that might be the game changer for the class but cannot utter a word.


See, having your voice stripped from you is highly damaging.  Every word you swallow or discard begins choking you after a while because it wants to come out and it simply eats away at who you are.  You begin to become unrecognizable. You have no idea who you are, what your views are or what you even like or enjoy. All because you haven't been able to exercise your voice, your self.


I damn near suffocated and eventually made a decision to break the mold - The mold built by culture that had taken over my voice. 



I have had to unlearn some of these damaging thought patterns and re-train my brain to better serve me and the world.



What could your life be if you knew You truly mattered?


Who could you be if you used your voice?

What would the world be if they heard your true voice?


If you desire and are ready to find your voice and step into the leading woman you were born to be, I can help you.  Together, we will break the mold. 


Schedule a free call with me here


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