Feel the Fear, and Do it Anyway

April 19, 2018

🔶Will I succeed or fail?

🔶Will I look smart or stupid?

🔶Will I be accepted or rejected?

🔶Will I be judged? oh gosh!

🔶Will I be liked or not?


Yes, I know it all too well and after I would "assess" the situation,


Forget that the time and opportunity to take any meaningful decision on the action would have passed by quickly because I was busy engaging with the little troll in my head.

And then I Broke the Mold!!

How many opportunities have you missed because of your little troll?

What is it holding you back from?

Who could you be if you could check your troll ?

For me, checking my troll :

✔️Got me on a TEDx Stage!

✔️Got me participating in conversations that I'd ordinarily steer clear of.

✔️Got me to pursue my passion with full gusto😁 and I'm 😍😍

✔️Allows me to fully express myself unapologetically (with Compassion of course)

✔️Is allowing me to share this with you.

If you are ready to check your troll and step into your new possibilities, sign up for my latest self-study course -
COMFORT TO CONQUER: The Fearless Way ($97 Only)

Break the Mold or stay in and be a replica. Your Choice 


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