3 Tips to Guard Your Dreams

February 28, 2018

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A painful, lengthy hour and fifteen minutes. That is my usual commute, but it seemed much longer not only because of the traffic which almost doubled my trip, but my physiological state was in shambles.  I was deteriorating by the minute.  Every inch of my body ached and screamed “get me out of the contorted seating position.”


My head pounded as though there was an orchestra, rock band, and pop band competing at the same time.  It was a long, excruciating drive and the walk from the parking lot to the patient registration window was yet another 8 minutes of agony.  Finally, staggering like the walking dead to the window, the lady at the counter saw me and promptly got me a chair, and handed me a face mask.  Cover your nose/mouth.  Was I being quarantined? What is happening? 


Not quite 5 minutes after I had gotten to the emergency room, I got called in to take my vitals. I answered questions regarding my symptoms and as they took all my necessary vitals, a fever of 104 recorded, a blood pressure of 159/94 with a low pulse; "Put her in Room 4" the nurse ordered another medical staff as she gave my file to him.  Slowly wheeling away, between my teeth chattering, I heard the lady who took my vitals inform, "we must begin the disinfecting process as soon as you get back." And I managed to bellow out "is this because of me?" she said, "Yes, we must.  The flu is bad this season and it’s now protocol."


I could not help but think about being this contagion as they set me up in this hospital room.  Each medical staff that came in made sure they walked in with a mask of their own, and after their business they gave their hand 2 to 3 pumps of the sanitizer.


What if we guarded our dreams like we were protecting it from a virus? How could your life be different? Many times, you dream of starting that business or initiating that conversation that might change it all for you; embark on that goal you’ve yearned for, but then your confidence erodes ever so by those friends or acquaintances that impede you being your best self.  These people feed your fears and sabotaging your pursuit for freedom.


You ever wonder how you get discouraged because your ‘friend’ keeps reminding you of the past, your old patterns, how you failed and how things wouldn’t change for the better; 


You get stuck because of that one person who wants you to live the life they missed out on.  So they try to orchestrate every move for you, but the moves are hardly in alignment with your true essence so you end up in circles eventually burning out.  Sometimes they do not want you to make the same mistakes as they did, yet that gets in the way of your self-confidence, growth, and success.


You are feeling frustrated and lost when you find yourself in that vicious cycle of ‘connecting’ with friends who go on and on about the outer problems, never focusing on inner responsibility.  They try hard to reinforce how the world is against you and them and you find yourself drained and your self-esteem chipping away.


What if you had a standby mask that bounced off the bullshit? The dream drainers, the complainers, the discouragers, the energy drainers?

Imagine you had a mechanism to disinfect your mind and energy once visited by these people? Would you use your energy more wisely to create the life you want? Will you build more self-confidence? Who will you be with 50% more self-esteem?


Even the good book says in Proverbs 4:23 “Above all, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”


If you have a dream, a vision for your life, a destination, goals—guard your heart, guard your thoughts, guard your energy.  Here are 3 tips you can use to guard your mind and heart


1.   Dealing with Friends that bring up the Past—Many times, these people simply want to connect, and this entry way is all they know.  Acknowledge. Find something in the present that you can build.  You must change the course of the story henceforth; find another connection point for you that is beneficial to you.


2.   Dealing with the puppeteers—They are coming from a place of love, not wanting you to fall into the same traps or mistakes they made; so honor them, hear them out, stand in your truth, and move in alignment with your soul.


3.   Dealing with the complainers—The most common and easiest trap to fall into and if you are not careful, you may find yourself drowned in victim-land before you realize what’s happening.  Being a complainer prevents you from taking personal responsibility, so you stay stuck.  Before a complaint festers, you must switch up the conversation.  You can ask if they want advice or they want to brainstorm on a solution.  I’ve been known to switch up conversations and if that doesn’t work, I excuse myself from the room.


How much more of your happiness and peace of mind could you have in your life if you lived life on your own terms? If you want my help with breaking the mold in your life, so you can live out the life you desire, without being anyone's puppet, Let's talk. 





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