22 Lessons from 10 Months of Blogging

February 14, 2018

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I cannot believe I’ve written 50 Blog posts in the last 10 months.  WOW!  It’s been 10 months of difficulties and trials, the nights of blocks either on content or title; the days of choosing to go with this topic or something else.   I have stayed the course and honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to at a point.  Along this Posting – Blogging journey came some learnings.


So here are 22 new learnings from writing the last 50 Posts since the first one I published in April 2017:

  1. I am not a writer – At the beginning, this was the tune in my head; The Only time I wrote was in school for English classes – I’m not a writer.  You are what you say you are!

  2. I don’t have new ideas for a weekly post – Earlier days I worried about this and quickly realized every moment is a story; as life unfolds, the story begins. Teachers/lessons/stories surround you at all times; the question is, do you take notice?

  3. I will never have the time to write each week – Commit; set an intention and execute; be accountable

  4. I was nervous I would fall off one day – Why o Why? Ideas dried up? Story bank Closed? Shut the front door – I’m now 51 deep 😊

  5. When I tap into the well of me – I find treasures – there’s flow – Don’t force the issue; the light and answers are always within; let it guide you.

  6. I enjoy writing – I love telling stories – Maybe it’s this Personal growth stuff 😊

  7. Let it flow – Let it be light – Again, follow the flow; ease into it and let it guide.  Once it gets dense and heavy, Hands Off!!!

  8. Vulnerability is scary – Vulnerability Rocks! – Vulnerability takes massive courage yet there’s such an intense and fulfilling reward at the end of it for both you and others.

  9. Permission is everything – and you only seek and get it from you! – Enough Said! Give Yourself Permission!!!

  10. I have people rooting for me – I have a kick-ass support team – Knowing  you are surrounded by good people, supporters is always encouraging.  Find your cheerleaders! Thank them!

  11. Self Doubt creates soon to be limitations manifested– Get it checked ASAP before it becomes a cancer!

  12. I’m not perfect and wouldn’t be, and that’s OK

  13. People’s lives are being touched by my posts – People are reading! –  when you think no one is watching.  You don’t know who’s heart or life you are leaving your footprints

  14. Several folks won’t understand and that is fine!  - Everyone won’t be on your soapbox; and that is Okay!

  15. Be Yourself – Authenticity is indispensable – I am Unique;  There is no one like me; Use that!

  16. There’s a happy writing time for me – I found it. – Find your happy ‘place’ in all things.  Being in that space will help unveil your potential easily.

  17. Gratitude for each person who visits the blog -  Thank you!!! Thank You!!!! Because of you, I renew my commitment every week 😊

  18. Taking risks – every time I “publish” – I get better at risk taking the more I take it, building more confidence with each “click” becoming increasingly fearless

  19. Staying committed - Power of Commitment – Honoring my word – Doing what I said I’d do even when I don’t feel like it.

  20. There are stories everywhere – Life coaching isn’t just about the one on one conversation - Open your eyes, ears, and mostly Heart – My teachers are all around you

  21. It’s not about me; it’s about my work, passion, my calling – When You know your purpose, your work becomes bigger than you

  22. I am a Daily Work in Progress!!


I’ve learned a lot in the last 50 Posts and I have enjoyed my journey thus far.  I hope you can gain some insight from my experience. And if you enjoy my writings, please like, and share a link with a friend.


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