Radical Self Love for Ambitious Women

February 2, 2018

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A quick glance at my watch, 6:14pm because I’m getting tired but it’s hardly time to leave.  I can finish up the project and deliver it in the morning with the best record.  It’s been about 10 hrs so far in the office – I can do a little more so that ‘they’ see that I put in a lot of hours and I do the work. I’m dedicated. 


Another glance and it’s time to order dinner, it’s just a little past 8pm.  This was me day in and out for years. And then the weekend rolls by and I feel drained, exhausted, depleted.  I want to isolate, hide out, and protect whatever energy I have left in me, but wait I have some personal engagements, and of course I must see my niece lest I get a scolding from a 4 year old.





As modern, ambitious women, we are busy trying to prove a point, working double hard to get noticed for that promotion.  We are swamped, we run half the time on less than a half tank; trying to juggle motherhood, aunty-hood, our corporate careers, our households, our social lives and better not forget to look drop dead gorgeous while we are at it all.




On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being Not really and 10 being very much so.  How often do:



  • You give your all to other people and organizations and the commitments you make to yourself fall short or splat flat on the floor?


1     2      3       4      5      6       7      8       9       10






  • You find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated, trying to avoid burn out? Or maybe you are already feeling burned out?




1     2      3       4      5      6       7      8       9       10





  • You find yourself saying “yes” when you want to say “No” and say “No” when you want to say “Yes”



1     2      3       4      5      6       7      8       9       10






  • You find yourself people pleasing just so that you are not rejected


1     2      3       4      5      6       7      8       9       10


  • You hide in your current role, secretly wishing you could go for a different role or a promotion



1     2      3       4      5      6       7      8       9       10






When you add up your scores for all 5 questions where are you on the scale?


If you scored between 25 – 50 ;




 Here is a link to set up a call with me to discuss how you we can get you to below 25.




And if you scored between 10 – 24; How can you get to a 0 – 5?




And if you are like I was a few years ago, frustrated, and have had it, do what I did-  invest in working with a coach.  I invite you to schedule a call with me to learn if my “Radical Self Love for Ambitious Women Coaching Package”  is a good fit for you, where you will learn how to



  • Keep commitments to yourself making yourself a priority

  • Choose you, setting boundaries to avoid burnout

  • Have more success networking and connecting with the right people

  • Be confident in your own skin to speak up and stand up for yourself

  • Feel empowered to go after your dream role or that long desired promotion

Here's what's included:



- 3 Private One on One 60 Minute coaching sessions with me where I will nudge you and support you on your path to radically loving yourself


- Access to Private Facebook Community Group where you will network with people who are giving love freely to themselves and others – not those who are sucking it away!


- BONUS-  E-COURSE – “21 Days of Self Love” that includes: Video Modules| Transcripts| MP3 Replays |21 Days of Daily Love Notes |21 Days of Key Action Steps 



Ready to start saying Yes to You and loving yourself Radically? Click Here to Learn if this is the right fit for you

















































































































































































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