5 Stories that Hinder your Dreams

January 3, 2018

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“Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” – Kahil Gibran 


The very first day of the year where many people are re-calling their dreams, waking up the giants within, or at least attempting to and going after their dreams. There I was in a conversation with a gentleman who clearly knew his passion and gift, burning inside of him – music! Yet, he was actively deciding to shut the door on it.  Why I asked? 

“People do not listen to my genre of music. So I can’t perform, sing, nor compose.” 


That broke my heart because I could see and feel the pain in him shutting the door on this passion; the confusion to which he admitted.  He said, he’d asked God, "I had to relocated for a better life for me and my family and now I must do away with this passion burning inside of me, this very thing that fills my joy cup because it isn’t possible here. Why God?"




This happens far more than we know and rather subtly and quickly.  Life happens, life gets in the way and you have to get real about what you are going to do.  So then what? 


Excuses start germinating and doubts start sprouting until you let go of your dreams and slowly fade away as though a mist on a foggy morning.



Maybe you stopped dreaming altogether because you've had to get practical and be more responsible for one reason or another - because you have a family now, or you are a certain age.




What is chipping away at Your Dreams?



What is getting in the way of your dreams? What is chipping away at it? Take note of why you misplaced your dreams or why your dreams suddenly seem so small. This is the first step to starting to dream again!




These are some common excuses, obstacles that get in the way of your dreams.  Stories that chip away at your dream until it becomes poof!




For starters, Practicality over passion and purpose is a recipe for unhappiness. Yes, I understand you want to be responsible and not live with reckless abandon, though practicality is like living in a square box with no room to explore.  Is there a place where practicality and passion with purpose meet? Make it your objective to find that sweet spot.


1. I’m too Young/Old – It’s never too late to start moving in the direction of the life you desire even if it’s living it for only a day! There are numerous examples of people who broke down barriers to live their desired lives at ages unexpected.  Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t give into the false story about your age.


2. People Won’t Understand – Your dream is YOURS!  It’s Personal! It’s not for anyone to understand.  Quit seeking permission to live out your dream.  You already have the permission – The dream was given to YOU!


3. Others have already done it – Bottom line, it’s not been done in your own voice, tone, with your style, with your individuality.  Know that you are unique and so long as you honor that which is within, it is Original.


4. How am I going to do it? – Fear thrives in the ‘unknown’ yet that’s where growth and possibility lives.  Uncertainty has been a major road blocker and show stopper.  Be willing to see the potential and possibility, be willing to trust, take the next step and try again, be willing to ask for help.  Imagine if a child said, after it’s first step he or she won’t try to take another step again because he or she doesn’t know how he or she will eventually walk?


Your dream, your passion, your purpose is your light.  Wherever you are, your dream stands out because it’s uniquely yours.  It’s what allows you to really live out a full and meaningful life.  The world needs you to light it up with your dreams.


Be willing to let your dream live. Don’t settle for a quiet life of desperation and don’t let any of these stories rob you of your dreams.  Reclaim your dream.


If this article resonates with you. Please share, and leave a comment below. Ready to learn about how to get rid of your stories and reclaim your dreams. Send me a message here, I'd love to chat with you.
















































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