The 'Torpedo Workshop' - Strategy to Conquer your 2018 Goals

December 23, 2017

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It is no surprise Ebun, my client felt "Reborn" earlier this year.  Indulge me for a second, afterall, that's the intention of "Atoke" - Rebirth with passion, purpose, and gentleness.


If you have been following me or know anything about me, you would know that I’m on fire about helping professional women unveil their potential so they can harvest new possibilities in their lives.


This is an excerpt from a post from one of my clients and this is why I do what I do.


MY BIG SECRET by Ebun Feludu

“2017 was one of the best years of my life. I lost 15kg. I became a manufacturer and took on National Leadership positions in organizations that mean a lot to me. That is not to say 2017 wasn't a challenging year, but I experienced the type of challenges that anyone should pray for ; the type of challenges that stretched me to phenomenal growth.


I turned 41 in January 2017, I started to think a lot about my legacy. Who am I? What is my role here? What impact was I created to make in the world? What legacy am I leaving for my children? Once I answered those questions I went on to have a conversation with Bisi MacGregor. It was one of those vital conversations that shape your year; your life.


After the workshop, I literally became REBORN. Bisi took me through the Stretch-Risk-Die Workshop, step by step and this was the turning point in my life. The skills from the workshop helped me to demolish all my goals for the year. I became a torpedo, tearing through every goal and every obstacle like a bad-ass super hero.


I had basically become a manufacturer whilst running a very profitable media company- Plug Media


The Stretch Risk Die workshop is NOT for you if you think that you will attend and by some sheer magic your life will turn around. Nope. Bisi will surely tell you, nothing will change if you are not prepared to do the work. I was prepared to do the work and I was armed with a secret weapon from this workshop. “


I couldn’t have written this any better.  The strategy to conquering the goals you are setting for yourself in 2018 lies in this tool. 


If you are ready to create the best year yet and are ready to put in the work; be sure to join my group  where I will host the last workshop of the year on Stretch-Risk-Die, December 27th, 8am EST






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