Grease Fire: Why you should keep your oven clean and avoid Burn Out

December 20, 2017

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It was going to be a Pancetta Flatbread Pizza kind of night, quiet, with a glass of wine.  The flat bread was already being slightly toasted at 475 degrees in the oven as instructed by the recipe.  Pancetta and Brussel sprouts was getting tossed together with some avocado oil and the tomato sauce was all set, seasoned with some salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.  


“Sniff, sniff”  


What is that smell? Doesn’t smell like bread, nor does it smell like roasted Brussel sprouts.


What is that?


“Ah, it’s the oven again! Ah! Totally forgot to clean it again!!”  I had said I’d clean it out the last time and HONESTLY,  I got lazy. Or shall I say, I'd been procrastinating!


So I turned on the fan to eliminate some of the smell. “Sniff, sniff” – smell is getting stronger – What is it? Is it really that dirty?


So, I glance down at the oven, Alas, huge Orange Flames inside my oven!!!  It’s a Fire, in my less than 2 month old renovated kitchen. 


What to do?! AH! I have an extinguisher, but wait, do I open the oven? 

Thinking opening the oven might not be the best idea at all, I put my monthly alarm subscription to use - pressed the emergency button.


Fast forward 5 mins, I ended up standing outside in the cold without a coat, waiting for the fire department – no coat because I was too panicked to figure out where my coat closet was.  It’s a wonder, I found shoes.


So why am I sharing this? Because, I thought to myself all this wouldn’t have happened if you had cleaned out the oven when you were supposed to.  In fact, it reminded me of articles that I had written this year.


Can You Hear the Whispers? Where I talk about taking notice of the subtle messages in your life, around you, for you before they become loud thumps in your life.  How many times we ignore our intuition? The soft voice in our souls calling out for our attention.


It also reminded me of yet another article -  How do You Garden  where  I talk about tending to the weeds in our lives – the negative self-talks, beating yourself up and how this weeding and clearing out process must be done regularly.


The weeds in my oven was simply some grease that needed to be cleaned!!





As this year comes to an end and you are reflecting as I know many of you are doing - on what went well, what didn’t, what you want to start doing, and the stuff you want to stop doing – make sure you take an inventory of the gunk that must be cleaned up and CLEAN it up. 


Do not over look, the tricky, sticky, invisible looking gunk that are flammable. They will consume all the good stuff if ignited. 


Some of that gunk comes in the form of Self judgement, beating yourself up, negative self chatter, putting yourself last, not honoring your voice, and even toxic relationships. 


Whatever that gunk is, it must be cleaned before it piles up .  It must be sorted out so you can have a clean slate and begin stepping into your new possibilities. 


And for that clean up, sometimes you need the education of a fireman, and when the gunk has wreaked havoc, you might need the fireman’s hose, axe, and powerful fan. 


If you need help cleaning out the gunk in your life,  Click Here to learn more about I can help you step into your new possibility and stop carrying around combustible self-limiting beliefs.


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