Here's Why You must Find Your Life's Purpose

November 28, 2017

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Surrounded by 3 generations of family and friends, I’m so amazed at how strong the genes are – I can see my great grandmother’s mouth structure in my nephew – fascinating!  Everyone has found their own person, the tweens have gravitated to the video games, taking turns at the controller, the much littler people under 4 have found themselves in the play room with lego blocks and action figures.


The adults seem to be all over the place, playing vigilante on all the kids, picking up after the kids in the house, re-arranging the foods, refilling drink cups and glasses, and some chatting about what’s all going on this year and the year to come. 


In my corner, It was a cruise down memory lane - we were knee deep in the 90’s, Charles brought up my first car – a black dodge neon (story for another day), our first jobs, our college experiences, our aspirations, our struggles with making ends meet while in school, and our relationships.   Then we have now! And very naturally, the topic segued into people echoing sentiments around:


“wow, I remember choosing that major – I figured it was the best choice.”

“my parents wouldn’t hear of any other major”

“After graduation, I got my first job and that first full time paycheck made me feel like, – I had arrived!”

“I just changed jobs, from then on, got promotions, making good money…not really loving what I’m doing”

“and now, I’m just there.  I like what I do, but I have no passion for it”

“In fact I don’t think I have a passion.  It’ll be nice though.”

“The year has just flown by with me doing nothing.”


I got it! and get it!!


I get it because I was there – in between the memory lane years and today, I checked the boxes; the boxes that were expected of me; degree, graduate degree, house, job, better job, relationship – yes, I checked the boxes and they looked pretty good checked. Checking the boxes made me look like a hard worker, dedicated, focused, in order, in control, and busy which was a good thing.


Though, those boxes got the check mark, my ‘life and heart’ box was hollow, empty, drained, dark, and lost until I found my reason to be. 


A lot of you are in that boat now, going through your life checking the boxes; your day to day routine without a blink of an eye, on auto-pilot wondering if there’s more and why you aren’t a part of the more. 


Until you get to know your life’s purpose, you will continue checking the boxes and living your life half empty and unfulfilled, and simply wondering what else is there. Once you find your purpose, you must begin to take Action because only Dreams + Action = Reality


Why are you here? What are you here to do? What is your purpose?


I heard a brilliant teacher M.Shannon Hernandez ask once at a retreat – “What are you willing to die for?” – Seems like such a morbid question to ask, yet it must be answered; and once you get the answer, you must go out and live for it.


Being clear on my life’s purpose has moved me forward and expanded me this year like I haven’t in the past 22 years.  And knowing that my purpose is to wake you up to your purpose, I offer a “Find My Purpose” e-course to help you drop from your head into your heart and unveil your purpose, and ignite that passion so you can start living a purposeful life.  If you sign up from this link, I will throw in 2 coaching sessions with me within the 21 days of the course to help you hone in on your purpose.


Don’t wait another second, if you are determined to make your life different but haven’t figured out what’s been holding you back from shining, Sign up now.



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