Why Is Everyone Talking About Procrastination?

November 21, 2017

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In the past 4 days, I have had at least 10 different conversations with this word popping out multiple times - "Procrastination."


People seem to be worried, concerned, wanting to get over it and move along, frustrated, yet stuck because they are not sure how to not procrastinate or then again, are they simply just delaying.


As far as I'm concerned, procrastination is merely a distraction - a Fear tactic.


“I have time tomorrow, so I'll do it then”

“I do so much better or perform well under pressure.”


How many times have you heard that at an interview or even uttered those words.  It’s a fancy way of saying, “I put things off because I do not feel like it!”  When you only work on tasks when you ‘feel’ like it, where does that leave you?


Not far, because our brains and our bodies are programmed to only want to engage in things that are not threatening to us – things that are comfortable for us. Yet, because we are humans and our nature is a desire to expand, we wrestle with this very idea.


So Yes, evolving, expanding, growing is uncomfortable.


"Procrastination is the thief of Time" – Edward Young



I don’t know about you but if I run out of money, I can find a way to make some, borrow some, earn some – bottom line, I can get some money if I run out of money.


What about time? I haven’t found a way to earn or borrow or manufacture more time.Once it’s gone it’s gone! All the time you have is now.


So, how do you get a handle on procrastination? – What is it to begin with? Procrastination is simply putting something off for a while (a while is very relative).  In large, procrastination lets “I don’t feel like it” take precedence over our goals and this sends us into a frenzy of emotions that affect our future.  As I mentioned in the beginning, procrastination is a fear tactic that keeps you on your wheel of fear.


Even when you do get to what needs to be done, most procrastinators beat themselves up because you realize you've sold yourself short on how your time has been spent.


So here are some tips and questions to help you curb procrastination;

  • What you say of yourself is what IS:  I am not a morning person; I can’t start and ever finish a project – What you say about yourself IS…truth.  Your being will align with that.  Start saying some uplifting, positive things about yourself.


  • Ask Yourself – What are you avoiding? What keeps you procrastinating? Usually you are avoiding something when you put what you are supposed to do off. 



Are you in denial of your needs and simply trying to bury it because you are not sure how to meet them? – Get help, ask the question because you ultimately are responsible for your needs, they will not get met until you take action


Are you simply anxious about your life now and don’t know how to face it, so why not delay? - Face your anxiety, name it, identify it, allow the feeling to process through you and then return to your commitment to yourself.



Or are you playing God – calling yourself a “Perfectionist?” Most “Perfectionists” are procrastinators because the project must be perfect before it’s sent out. So, you spend time researching and researching and researching – know that ‘researching’ over and over is procrastination and delay in of itself. Give yourself a criteria of “Good enough” – 80% good and push the button! Don’t wait for the 100%.


  • What are you committed to?  - I especially love this question because it does away with your feelings.  Forget how you are feeling, what is your commitment – Act on that!  This is freedom.


  • Choice - You have a choice!  You always have a choice.  And one choice is - “Do Nothing” - What happens to your life if you do nothing? If you do not take on that goal or task?

If this article resonates with you, give it a heart and share it.



As a Certified Fearless Living Coach & Certified Fearless Trainer, I am committed to helping you master fear so you can unveil your potential and live your truth.



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