Get Rid of Unfulfillment Once and For All

November 8, 2017

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Walking around with an unfulfilled desire can be daunting and to say the least unsatisfying. So was the journey of my “Sisterlocs.”  I’d had a burning desire for about 7 years to get them done; yes, this is a hair style we are talking about.  Yet a big commitment. 


However, I had no courage it seemed to take the leap so I simply settled in to admiring the hair style on other people, complimenting them whenever I ran into some beautiful ones.  I constantly talked about how nice they might look on me year after year yet couldn’t make the leap. 


Then I met Erica, in Philly this summer who had such beautiful locs; “it’s the best decision I ever made” she said about her hair so confidently, whimsically, and fulfilled I might add. 


Well, dag!  What was holding me back? How come I couldn’t just get these locs (yes they are permanent) – some of the stories I told myself was, ‘what if I didn’t like them?’ ‘ they cost a whole lot, I don’t have the money for that kind of hair style,’ ‘this style is permanent, I need it to be flexible incase I want to change my hair.


Mindset is everything I realize! Where else was the “perception” of ‘inflexibility’ getting in the way?  Where was “what if” keeping me stuck? Boom! My House!!


I’d wanted to decorate for years yet I’d been driven by this thought that I’ll only be there temporarily, perhaps move next month, so why put holes in the walls if I’m going to get tenants – alas, I’m going on my 15th year in my house and no décor to my hearts content up until now! 


Rocking my new locs which I absolutely love and stepping into my house with grace and a big smile on my heart and face, walking on my Onyx colored hardwood floors, enveloped by my newly painted grey walls with white trim, and making my famous eggs in my newly renovated kitchen with my choice of greyish slate tiles for the floors, white cabinets, and a white and grey backsplash.  For some reason, I feel expanded! Inspired! Freedom!


The amazing thing about a mindset shift is that it’s possible for almost anyone, given the right tools, the right life coaching, and a little strategic direction.


Because of these results and my new found fulfillment,  I created The Finish Strong program that will help shift your mindset to the right gear and drive you in the direction that you want so you can create a more fulfilling life for yourself.  It’s not too late to finish 2017 strong and position yourself for a winning 2018.


How could your life change if you shifted your mindset about that job, yourself, your money, your relationships, your business, or your marriage?   What could change in your world if you cleared out the cobwebs in your mindset that’s kept you spinning?


Here’s to winning in 2018!





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