Can you hear the Whispers?

October 3, 2017

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 "Wait, wait, stop, wait a minute, let me tell you something" my nieces at one point or another have said to me when they had a 'secret' to tell me.

Who tells you to be still? How do you know to be still and when to be still to hear the Whispers? As an adult, how do you hear the whispers amidst the noises surrounding and sometimes engulfing you? The whispers of God, the whispers of the universe?

Kayla, a client was stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, falling fast into depression because she could not catch a break with her job.

She lost her job 3 times in a row due to layoffs from organization restructuring; it seemed as she settled in, a restructure took place barely 6 months after.

We began working together after the 3rd layoff. She identified a Certification could elevate her, she had known this for multiple years but didn't have the courage to apply and take the exam. Afterall, it's about well known certification that many people take more than once before they pass.

So, we worked on on Kayla's mindset and in less than 9 weeks, Kayla enrolled for a 4 week training, took the exam and passed on the 1st attempt.

Still frustrated and feeling overwhelmed because she had done all the right things. She had the piece of paper with her certification so why could she still not find a job? How come all the interviews seemed to go well and in the last round she was told the role had suddenly been put on hold?

She came back to work with me in a heavy state of frustration, disappointment, and depression, wanting to figure out how she could "knock out the next 3 interviews she had lined up. And figure out what she needed to do on the "side" as a business."

As a coach, I rely on my intuition and I help you unveil, so I asked- ' what are the whispers?' What's being whispered to you? I could see that Kayla was neck deep in this funk that she couldn't hear what the whispers could possibly be. She was so wrapped up in feeling disappointed, overwhelmed, I frustrated, feedup and trying to find a job that would cure all of that.

When we do not hear the whispers, it gets louder and louder likewise when we are not done learning a lesson, the universe is kind enough to present more opportunities for us to learn the lesson.

Do you recognize the lessons that are before you? The whispers that have become a thumping in your head?

After a couple of weeks of working together, Kayla developed an online course (valued at $47) that addresses the big hump candidates (50,000 reach) of that same certification face. Her course helped get candidates on a clear path and plan on how to approach and pass the certification exam in one sitting.

That became her business (continuous passive income). Never been seen before, the training institute where Kayla attended for 4 weeks before her exam states "she's the fastest to go through this program and pass as such." As a result, Kayla has been invited back to the training institute as a keynote speaker to every new class and to lecture on one of the modules once a week, paid.

Needless to say, training is a passion Kayla had but kept looking for job where she could live it out. Right within her reach, her passion and job, wrapped in one.

Are you listening to the whispers? Can you hear the whispers?

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