What's Your Leadership Blind Spot?

September 19, 2017

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If you could see what’s hovering around you or right at the edge over there, you would be able to make a different decision, seek differently, take a different route, get help, to find the truth of who or what you are in that moment.


Wherever you are, there’s vast subjectivity , take your place of work for example,  how many times do you hear the employees (middle management and below) chatter about what they deem best for the organization; how many times do you hear them gab saying “upper management, is doing the same thing again – they always do this. Nothing has changed.”


Though subjective, because when we deal with humans that’s what we get.  There is no one truth, it’s all about who saw what and what they felt in those moments.  However, this begs the question of blind spots. 


We all have them - 


Blind spots have a dire cost for leaders – Blind Spots are where you lack awareness of your weaknesses. And you can climb up the ladder until this unknown blind spot gets in the way and overturns you.


Is there a possibility that organizations and the representatives of them are operating with blinders on?  Blind spots as you know in driving can be and has been the cause of many collisions.  Blind spots are gaps in your vision.  Blind spots prevent objectivity.


What are your blind spots as a leader? As a Person? As an organization? Here are a 5 that I have seen, where do you fit?

  • Imbalanced What & How – Are you focused only on measurable results of the organization? Leading you to short term thinking?  I’ve seen organizations attempt to implement meaningful initiatives and are eager to measure the implementation and execution but they miss out on the ‘how’ to get there. Initiative is rolled out and how to get there seems to fall by the way side with a heavy focus on results.

  • Not Understanding Your Team – This happens when you give no room for differences – when you think and believe everyone operates the same way as you operate – have the same motivation, require the same communication style, have the same goals and values as you do.   This only leads to frustration, de-motivation, and confusion.

  • Being Right > Being Effective – this is when a leader places a higher value on being right than being an effective leader.  This may be fed from thinking so strongly that he or she is right and allows no one in for a different point of view.

  • Strategic Capability or Lack thereof– This is when a leader accelerates up the chains quite quickly into roles that are more strategic yet they are unable to take off their operational hats from time to time to see the bigger picture and lead effectively.  And because of the new position they are in – they simply overestimate their strategic capability.

  • Under-estimating Your Team – Some leaders place themselves in the path making themselves the bottleneck on decision making – this lack of trust and need to control quickly accelerates into poor performances for the team, delays, and in some cases resentments because the team feels dis empowered.

When your vision or your organization’s vision is operating with blind spots and you make no efforts to investigate what’s hindering the view and what’s lurking, you set yourself up for a clear downfall, de-motivation, low morale, and poor performance of your team members and employees and consequently poor results. You are not able to come up with the best solutions for yourself, the team, or the organization at large.


So what can you do? How can you overcome your blind spots?


With driving, because blind spots spell disaster in a heartbeat; there are aftermarket blind spot mirrors sold to create a wide field of view for the driver and some are designed so that you do not have to deal with any loss of depth of the field view as well.  What does that mean for you?  How can you widen your field view without losing depth?

  • Get to know your employees more, spend more time with them outside of meeting settings.

  • Let go of control and trust more, because inherently, someone trusted you, the reason you are a leader today

  • Get to know your customers even better,  both internal and external

  • Hire a professional Coach to prod you, to challenge you, to ask you the questions that you are failing to see.

Ready to unveil


your leadership blind spots and become an even more effective leader, visit my site www.atokelifesprings.com  or contact me directly bisi@atokelifesprings.com



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