Does Death Give Value to Life?

September 12, 2017

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Does death really give life its meaning or value?


Have you had that conversation with anyone close to their death? I’ve heard many stories, and read about research carried out on people on their dying beds and asked the question about their biggest regrets. 


The biggest regrets are never around what they did – It’s always what they didn’t do.  That’s been playing in my head this past week after losing a lively grand-uncle of mine. 


He was filled with so much life, even at 80, he had plans, he had missions, a vision, he appeared to live. On the night of his death, he had gone out as usual to have a good time with friends, connect with people and he came back home and “slept.”


And it’s made me think, what were his regrets? If any?


Bigger than that, I ask myself what is it that I want to do that I haven’t yet done?  And I pose that question to you as well. I don’t want to wait till there is 5 mins left to have a heart of courage to do what I have dreamt of all my life.

How about you?


How do you live out your dreams? How do make sure you are alive and living a life without regrets?


I am committed to leading people to live a more fearless life; if that interests you and you are ready to take the steps to live life without regrets, join my group on to experience my 5 Part Series – Fearless Life.

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