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September 7, 2017

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Does your position in leadership give you power? 


Some people might say yes, then I’d ask the question different does your position in leadership make you an effective leader and does it give you power “with” your teams and peers or over them?


Peter Drucker commonly referred to as the father of management says -  “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”  And I truly believe this is a skill of a good leader.  He or she must be able to hear what isn’t being verbally and the way(s) to do that is first off through true connection. 


Genuine Connection – which comes from listening with concern, listening with interest, listening with compassion, listening to understand as opposed to listening to respond. 


I found this illustration quite profound that shows leaders who lead with heart – leaders who lead with warmth and pay close and full attention have the greatest impact on people.


Leaders who can connect with their teams create a sense of power – a power ‘with’ his/her people but the leaders who rely on their credentials as their vehicle for power ‘over’ people are not as effective.


If you want to be an influential leader, you must lead with your heart – with warmth. This fosters trust, transparency, effective communication, and openness.


I was in a boardroom filled with middle management individuals discussing their pain points with their leadership and the overriding concern and complaint was that their leaders had no connections with them outside of tasks that needed to be handled. 


This naturally created a barrier between middle and upper management which the middle management is very conscious of and make a point to pull away because they are not feeling the warmth.


As the illustration depicts, Connect First, and your leadership becomes a gift , not a threat.


Finally, It’s important to note that position does not give you genuine power, yet leading with heart through connection get you closer to realizing true power – power with people.


What is one thing you can do to establish genuine connection with your team today?


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