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August 29, 2017

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Imagine for 10 years, you built a house, a 4 bedroom house, with a yard and a garage, a must have beautiful big kitchen island because baking has always been a hobby and crafting your art in the kitchen in general just gets you on a different kind of high; a separate room as your office and studio, a deck where you get to sit out, listen to the birds chirp, journal, meditate, and simply be; not forgetting the décor you designed and picked out yourself from different parts of the world that represent you.  It’s your haven, it’s comfortable, it’s home.  Alas, It’s all in your head!


How do you get your dreams out of your head into reality?

  • Into fruition? 

  • How many buildings and homes have you built in your head?

  • What keeps them there? 

  • How many jobs have you created in your head?

  • How many businesses have you birthed in your head?

  • How much laughter have you shared with the love of your life?


Nobody's ever ready, Glennon Doyle says in her article “Instead of Waiting to Be "Ready," Try "Yes, Anyway".  She continues, "every single day, each of us receives some kind of offer in our shaking hands and feels unqualified to accept it. It’s up to us to become bold enough to trust the opportunity, come out of hiding, and start dancing with life—to be messy and complicated and show up anyway."


Well, I can speak for myself, because that’s me above.  For 10 years, I built different houses, created homes in my head and I made no steps to make them a reality until now.  What keeps your dreams bottled up? Tucked away so far that you cannot even begin to toy with it in real life?


What's Kept Your Dreams in the Bottle?

  • You’ve believed the lies told by your fears or by others – We go through life experiences and yes it shapes us; yet how much of your past do you drag into your now and your future?  When was the last time you challenged some of the tales you’ve told yourself or believed from other people? 


  • I’m not qualified for that role – Is that true? Can you get qualified? Can you move a step closer to it?


  • I can never afford the house I want – Is that true? Could you plan better? Have you looked at your finances?


  • I will never find love, after all my mom and aunts are all divorced and single – Is that true? Have you opened yourself up to love someone? And then be loved?


  • Inaction! – A couple of things I know for sure - for starters, is that the distance between your dreams and your reality is Action. Period! And the other thing is when you move in action towards a goal and desire with faith and some planning, doors open.  I have learned that I need not know how the next 20 steps looks yet I can take the first step to get closer.  Most times the action needed is rather minute some people might say.  Looking at the examples above.



  • For the Role – Have you truly done a self-assessment to understand where you stand skill wise with respect to the role you desire?  Is there a gap? Do you understand the gap? How can you close the gap? First step would be assessing what the gap is if there is one.


  • For the House – Have you priced out the house you’ve built in your head? How are you with your finances? Do you know what you can afford? Do you have a plan? Could you get one? What are your options?


  • For Love – When was the last time you smiled at someone? When was the last time you loved? When was the last time you made yourself available to love or be loved?

Ultimately, most people are afraid of failing, afraid of being rejected and the truth is in everything you do and will do, there is a probability of failure yet it’s not the end all be all unless you make it.  Same way success isn’t an end all be all, yet a series of successes along the way.


Failures eventually teach you what not to do and successes teach you what to do which is the reason you must stay in action in order to hit some of those successes and lessons.


Small, yet consistent steps get you closer to your goals and you must first quit believing the lies that you’ve told yourself or that life experiences have etched in your brain.  Begin telling yourself new and empowering stories and move, Stay in action!


Ready to know how to tell yourself a different story or even learn how to consistently take action. Join my group at www.soweelevate.com


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