How Your Self-Made Movies Cost You?

August 18, 2017

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Most people choose their line of work with the hopes to do well, add value, be successful, respected, and admired by their colleagues and management.  However, what might get in the way are the stories we tell ourselves and the movies we make up in our minds. 



I had a chat with a client who was on a work assignment that changes every 6 weeks or so.  She mentioned her performance reviews from her line manager had been rather in depth which is very much appreciated yet the reviews had her questioning her performance.  She began asking herself if she was truly smart enough for this role; She didn’t have the extensive experience that the others brought to the table so how did she get the role?  She must have snuck in somehow she sometimes results to.


Not only did she question her validity in the role, she approached each assignment with a load of expectation on herself to ‘know’ the business 100% which after chatting with her, we realized is practically impossible.


So, bottom line Erica spends let’s say 2 hours with a client; 1.5hrs of that time, she spends attempting to gather ‘evidence’ that she ‘knows’ the business so that when she reports back to her manager she will appear knowledgeable and smart.  What’s left is 0.5hrs to get to the crux of the matter with the client which at this point is inadequate and totally amiss.


So, I asked Erica – how long have you been on this assignment? 7 months she said, and there are different missions every 6 weeks on different functions.  So, what I understood was and is that every 6 weeks, Erica is faced with a brand-new area, whether function, division, country so therefore, there is no way Erica will know the business or is expected to know the business.  An assignment is given to Erica and she is able to carry it out without having to learn the business 100% which takes others 1 year to learn in only 6 weeks with time left over to actually complete the assignment.


So, I asked Erica – how about if she approached each client and assignment from a place of Intention – A willingness to practice “Learning”.  Therefore, going in as she is and being ok with it; knowing that she’s not meant to know it all and when faced with a situation that isn’t familiar, being ok and open to learn. This seemed to open up a different opportunity for Erica and I’m looking forward to hearing the outcome.


How much time do you spend in your head? Do you have any idea?  Do you know what’s in your head that’s driving your decisions today? What are your self made movies costing you?


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