Light Up the Dark

August 16, 2017

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It’s one of those days where I have sat to write a couple of times today and I can’t seem to string together 5 sentences.   It’s hardly a block I’m simply consumed by what’s going on in our country. 


It is dark days

And every passing day I am reminded that we cannot fight dark with dark. 

A darker Dark does not put out darkness! What works is turning on the lights.  Light up the darkness and that’s what I am committed to doing. 


At Fearless Living and Living Fearlessly, we are committed to embrace our humanity and accept all people as they are.  We value our community and we support each other.


Are you able to accept and love others as they are? Are you capable of loving and accepting you (yourself) as you are?


In Fearless Living, we keep kindness our priority and we act with compassion. 

What are you committed to? What side of the fence do you sit? Are you lighting up the darkness or are you stumbling in the dark?


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