Time for a Gut Check

August 14, 2017

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Walking from the bus station, to the office this morning, I found myself whipping around ever so often to make sure there weren’t any nuts driving around trying to run me over.  Is this what life is now about?  So with all the craziness going on in the world including the Trump rhetoric and all of the racism and bigotry in the world – How do you continue 'living' - do you know where you stand? Are you perpetrating these fears as well? Because that’s simply what they are – Fears feeding and promoting more fear. 


It’s time we all do a gut check – where are we? What are we a part of or contributing towards?



Time – Do you know what time it is in your life? Do you realize and believe there’s a season for everything?  What season are you in now? Are you in your planting season? Are you sowing? Or are you harvesting some of the deeds and investments you sowed in yourself before now?

Is it time for you to say no more fear! No more Anxiety! No More confusion?  Is it time for you to Press forward in the direction that you want your life? In the direction that will benefit you and the generations after you?


Your Potential – I’m a true believer that we all have “It” – God given potential and along the route adulthood, we shed a layer or two.  Maybe we cover it up along the way, we have added so many layers over it, it’s non-existent.  How privy are you to your God-Given Potential?  Do you know your gifts and talents? Are you walking around life operating in your gifts and talents?


Journey – Everyone has a story – Have you taken a pause and reflected on your life’s journey? Do you know where you came from? Do not underestimate your toils and your wins along the way.  Did you come from a dysfunctional home and now you are raising your own family to be better citizens of the world? Did you come from shame and guilt and now you walk with your head high? Have you given yourself kudos lately?


Destination – Do you know where you are going? Do you have a life vision for yourself? Do you have a road map? Are you following it? Thomas Carlisle said – A man without purpose is like a ship without rudder.  Living life without meaning and purpose, without a sense of direction or destination gets you absolutely nowhere.  What’s your part in this place we call the world? What’s your contribution?


Your Circle – Who is in your circle? Do you know who your advocates are? Do you nourish those relationships?   Not everyone is excited to see you excel, are you surrounding yourself with the right caliber of people?  Are you telling it like it is to the folks that are belittling others?


Knowledge is Power - and no great work can be done without knowledge. Knowledge, especially knowledge of self is a powerful factor that empowers you to achieve great results.

Ask yourself the questions above and begin living life on Purpose with purpose.  Consume and get involved in that which inspires and uplifts you and others.



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