Serve as a Team Player Without Selling Yourself Short

August 8, 2017

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You want to be a part of the team and want to be seen as an actively engaged team player and more and boom, before you know it; you are drained, you are burning out quickly, you are almost becoming a door mat for the team.  Sure, you take one for the team here are there, yet that’s an exception, not the rule right?


You are surrounded by members of the team who seem to have ulterior motives, feels like they are ready to throw anyone in their way under the bus, ouch!  Or maybe they are already burned out and simply taking it out on whomever is in their path and alas, it seems to be you!


How do you maintain your composure, your wits about you whilst still being a team player and not get sucked into the drama that drowns  and burns you out eventually ?


Here are 5 key ways to keep your wits about you -


  • Your Role/Job – Are you in the role or are you doing the job that you desire? Many people might say no way! I’d rather be doing this or the other thing.  The deeper question then is , is this role serving you and your purpose?

It is important to know what you are doing and why because that is the goal you must keep in mind when the drama begins.That’s what will keep you in check because you know you are on that team doing that role for a reason and possibly a certain period.

  • Team Goal – Keep your eye on the team goal.   You might have to remind the team that you are in this ship together – working toward the same successes. Figure out how you can best serve the team and its goals and serve.

  • Intention – Create an over-arching intention for yourself.  I cannot emphasize how much this has helped me in roles and jobs.  Ask yourself,” what mindset do I want to be in today?” “What are you committed to” And let this intention guide you in all of your decisions.

  • There isn’t enough of you to go around – Quit jumping at every task in order to gain visibility.  Know your limits and set boundaries for yourself. You do not want to spread yourself so thin that your productivity and results are being questioned.

  • Acknowledge Others – Be generous in lauding the efforts of your team members. It only works in your favor and builds trust and connection.

  • Eliminate your Resentment Storage Space – Do away with your resentment storage space – do not build resentment.  When the drama unfolds, Let the emotions run through you, acknowledge your emotions. Give it time to pass through. And then remind yourself of your commitment and act on that commitment.

Eliminating your resentment storage space might require you clearing the air, having a difficult conversation with a team member.Remember, be objective, honest, and timely.Most times, the team member didn’t even realize there was an issue.


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