Are you a Toxic Leader?

August 3, 2017

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When you were made a leader, you weren’t given a crown, you were given the responsibility to bring the best out of employees – ‘Jack Welch’



Are you motivating your team members or killing motivation with your team members?  Are you a part of your organization’s dysfunction?  Assess how you lead your teams.  Here are 5 signs that you are leading from a toxic place.

  • Egotism – Some leaders believe themselves to be higher than others thus making them always right.  They get irritated when someone tries to correct them especially if that person is a subordinate.

  • Irritated – when a leader is driven by ego, irritation is not far behind since he/she does not want to hear other people’s point of view.  The organization suffers because of this as employees then begin holding back new ideas and thoughts.

  • Self Confidence, Lack there of – What does self confidence have to do with a toxic leader inspite of his/her ego and autocratic behaviors?  Truth is the toxic leader’s self confidence is ‘low’ driving them to distrust their employees.  Because of the resulting distrust, comes behaviors that lead to “power-over” others rather than a “power-with” others. This further drives the team to become unproductive.

  • Hierarchical – Have you ever had a leader that name drops (upper management) in an attempt to scare you into doing what they want you to do at that time? A toxic leader uses the corporate hierarchy to get his/her way; working under a toxic leader, you are bound to feel the pressures of the corporate structure.

  • Unrealistic Expectations – How many times have you exclaimed at a task your leader serves up because of its impracticality?  A toxic leader has made a habit of setting objectives that are unrealistic, unfair, that it begins driving the team members to get demoralized.


These are just a few ways to Lead from a Toxic place and if you find that any of these resonate with you.  You likely fall into the category of a toxic leader who has a team of demotivated, demoralized, dis-empowered individuals. 



Make some bold steps, and get the help that you need to make sincere changes to improve yourself and become a highly effective leader.  Knowing that leadership can be learned.


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