6.4 Ways to Be Happier at Work

August 2, 2017

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“I am in a toxic environment!”


“I can’t stand my job, too much pressure!”


“As soon as I walk in, I am drained”


“I like what I do, but I feel like I can’t do it here any more!”


“I get in exactly when I have to get in and leave as soon as it is time – Not a minute later”


In 2014, according to a new report by the Conference Board, the New York-based nonprofit research group in 2014, 52.3% are unhappy at work. 


Furthermore, when gender was researched, it appeared that Men are happier in their jobs, with 47.8% saying they’re satisfied versus 46.3% of women.


What keeps you unhappy at work? And what are you doing about it?

I have experienced unhappiness and dissatisfaction at work before and I’ve come to understand that there are small changes that you can do to be happier in your place of work.  The change starts with you.



1.  START YOUR DAY DIFFERENTLY - 'Intentionally'


Begin your day with an overall intention. The definition of intention is a determination or plan to do a specific thing – an aim at something specific.

Make that “specific” your “MINDSET.”


So, ask yourself in the morning, what Mindset do I want to be in today? How do I want to feel today?


Let that be your compass.  You involve yourself and engage activities, discussions, tasks that align with that intention. 


If unproductive, long drawn out meetings have been a thorn – with this intention, you can exercise the courage to ask that the meeting be steered in a different direction. 

Take in between breaks to reflect on your intention and your day so far. 





It’s been studied and proven that one of the simplest and quickest ways to be happy is to make someone else happy.


Make someone else happy a target for yourself.   How easy is that?  Notice what your employees around you snack and offer the snack.

Offer to help your coworker with an open heart.





I know how difficult it might seem with your 22 lists of to-do’s and the unending email stream; yet you must stop and take inventory of your day.  Perhaps, do it in chunks and acknowledge your progress.


On your list – cross off the tasks that you have completed.


Develop a habit of keeping a relatively short list of things to do (5 Max); because that in itself can become overwhelming.




Many atimes, people leave their career path in the hands of managers that have no or little idea about their desires.


“My boss doesn’t care about my development. He just wants to use me to get these projects done so he and the team can look good.”


“I’m not sure where they want to put me next; I guess I’ll find out later”


You are the captain of your ship – career – You must steer in the direction that you desire.  Take responsibility for your own growth and development. 


Ask the questions, Be courageous and ask for help.  Afterall, it is your career; only you stand to gain or lose.





You have choices. With every new moment you get to choose again, and again.  Choosing the right people to engage with is key; most importantly what you engage or discuss about is paramount.


It is said that negativity is like a cancer, it spreads fast and it is sneaky.  You expose yourself long enough and you get caught and the ways of negativity become your norm. 


Brooding in negativity is very easy and common at the workplace, it gives an illusion of connection because everyone chimes in on a seemingly “common” feeling of dissatisfaction. 


I’ve found that negativity simply creates this aura of defeat and this heightened sense of uncontrolled overwhelm.  Start shaking off those negative coworkers and conversations.


6.  END YOUR DAY ON A GOOD NOTE - 'In Gratitude'


No matter how the day went, take a moment to reflect and find 3 gratitudes in the day. 


A stretch for this is finding a gratitude in the tough and challenging moments right after it happens.  Gratitude at the workplace turned my life around. (Click to check out full article)


Get a notepad and begin writing down your gratitudes.  You’ll create a list of highlight moment.


You can also tell it to someone. Either way make sure you get it out of your head.



“I am in a very toxic environment at work. I have to leave now”  -  Before you jump ship know that Change begins with you.  And begin that self assessment, by asking “Is that true?” Is the work environment really toxic? What has been my contribution?


Try on for size the previous 6 points before you begin job searching because most likely after a period, you will have the same complaint.


If you make some of these changes, you may be surprised how some of these unhappy areas will shift for you.


Learn More about my Revive 'Work-Life' Group Coaching Program beginning in August.


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