You are the Average of your Bunch

July 25, 2017

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I had to tear myself away from the area of illusion where I stood in front of mirrors and morphed into different things right before my eyes.  Questioning what I was hearing versus what I was seeing.  I visited the Liberty Science Center this past weekend.  The goal was to ensure my 5 year old niece, 6 year old nephew and the under 2 year old nephews have a good time, learn a thing or two and tire themselves out. 


Alas! I was schooled.  Having been a born - resident of New Jersey and never visiting the center – I was in for a treat.  I literally had to tear myself away from the Illusion area - I fell in love with the Illusion exhibit.   


Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seems  it is called - designed to make you question your perception of the world around you, and perhaps reality itself and it definitely did.


This imagery which I reproduced from memory resonated with me the most.  You tell me what you see. 


Which imagery looks bigger?


I found this fascinating because it gives a visual depiction of Jim Rohn’s apt quote that states “You are the average of the five people you spend your time with.”


It’s no surprise that the image to the below looks smaller than the left when in actuality, both green circles are exactly the same size.  It’s the circles around them that differ in sizes.




When you surround yourself with ‘less than’ be it in personal development, knowledge, skill level, You will eventually appear as such and might I add, you WILL become the average of all them. 


However, when you surround yourself with what you aspire to be – goal oriented, risk taker, more wisdom, more knowledgeable, wealth, You are more than likely going to appear as such and begin cultivating some of their nuances.


The people you surround yourself with influence you to become the person you eventually become and that can be elevated or lowered.


What areas are we talking about?


Your Choices – Have you ever found yourself in the midst of your close friends that ‘talk’ about what they want to do over and over again?  You all discuss the same topic, same dream over and over and over, yet there’s no action taken.  You find that you get sucked right in and begin ‘talking’ without action as well.   

You essentially rub off on one another and the cycle perpetuates until someone says something; not before you’ve engaged in a few rounds before you realize what is going on.


On the flip side, have you been in the company of the friends that are goal getters, solution oriented and action takers?  After a short amount of time with them, you are pepped up, ready, and eager to get to your journal or calendar to begin writing and taking action.  They motivate you. They inspire you to want to be more and do better.


Your Mindfulness or Consciousness -  The more you surround yourself with fear based people who simply do nothing but complain, even about the rain they just prayed for 3 days ago because it was so hot; the more you will be tempted to succumb to the same type of rant.


You want to choose goal focused, action takers, truth seekers, positive thinking individuals to surround yourself with, so you can elevate yourself to a level that you desire.



Ask yourself the following questions to test your company and build the one you want:

  1. Who do you want to be?

  2. What qualities does that ‘person’ have?

  3. Who are your current staple friends?

  4. List out their Top 3 Qualities?

  5. Do the qualities in (4) align with the qualities in (2)?

  6. Note 3 people you admire and who possess the qualities that you desire

  7. How can you increase contact and interaction with them? Think outside the box here because you might have chosen someone who isn’t easily accessible to you – then find their work – books, podcasts etc.

As you increase your interaction with your ‘desired’ people, you begin to shift and transform into a new person that you have crafted for yourself.  Who do you want to become? Do your exercise and begin your transformation.

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