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July 18, 2017

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How many people have you heard say to you "I love my job! I can hardly wait to go in to work."

In a group program I facilitated , the participants talked about where they were professionally - the room was somber, heavy, you could feel the energy escaping the room. There wasn't a smile in sight. Very eerie.

And then I asked a question - "If you were not afraid, who would you be? What would your life look like?

I felt as though I turned on some more lights in the room. It suddenly became bright, thoughtful, inspiring, light, smiles, even chuckles as though " wow, I'm thinking this." Everyone lit up in the room.


We went from somber to some unafraid world travelers, dancers, relocating across the country, to theater performances in less than 10 minutes.So the big question is what stands between you and your potential? How do you  REVIVE  you?

Why do you do much of what you do not like and like most of what you do not Do?

Jim Rohn says the key to success is personal development. If you want a 100% success in an area of your life, your development must be on par with that. You cannot operate at a 30% self development level and expect 100% success.

Ready to close that gap? I am running a  REVIVE Work-Life Group Coaching Program  with 4 Professional Women this August. Sign up and close 2017 with a bang.

Grab your spot now to Revive You! 

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