Taking Headache Medicine for a Stomach Ache?

July 11, 2017

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Self-awareness is pivotal and the very first step to every kind of change or development in a human’s life.  Without it, you are blind and deaf to what ought to be addressed.


What is Awareness

Awareness is an introspection and understanding of what is going on with you – your ticks, your ups and downs, your frustrations, your needs, your feelings, your habits, and everything in between.  The more you get to know yourself the more you are able to tackle areas of your life that you desire.


I have come across many people that want and desire a change in their lives yet get very frustrated because they are not seeing any successes with the improvements they have implemented. 


When Honesty Crosses the Bridge to Manipulation


Take Millie for example, She swore she was a people person, funny, caring, inclusive, and "honest."  The truth is what Millie called ‘honesty’ came across to people as “extremely selfish,” “manipulative” “self-centered,”, and because of that people quickly found their way out of the room when she entered the room.  “I always take care of them!” “I said to them…,” “This is what I told the other girls..” or “this is what I want…” or “you think that’s bad, listen to this…”


These were Millie’s stem sentences each day to her group of friends and she couldn’t understand why her so called “friends” seemed to flee or get quiet around her.  "They can’t handle my honesty because I say it like it is! I just tell them the truth" said Millie when we talked about the frustration she was facing with her friends. 



The Truth was...

She was blind to the part she played in the heap of her own frustrations.

Without an awareness of self, you have no insight into what kinds of development, or help to exercise.  And what begins happening is that you start treating a stomach ache with headache medicine when you are not self aware. 


Awareness is a huge part of therapy and philosophy because it’s the foundation of movement.  The awareness I speak about isn’t all about intellectual self-assessment but more about your feelings and emotions. 

The more you are versed and in tune with your emotions the better you will understand how and why you do this things that you do.  And the easier it will be to pinpoint what to improve and improve on them. 


In Millie’s case, she can read up on how to influence her friends all she wants yet it might all be a moot point if she isn’t aware of the role she plays in these ‘fleeing’ and ‘fleeting’ relationships. 


Self-Awareness is an Inside Job

Getting to know yourself can be challenging and you cannot solve every issue you have in life, yet you can make some movement forward on some minor changes.  Here are a couple of ways to get you more self-aware:

  • Keep a Journal – Today, “journal-ing” seems to be the fad or thing to do however, it is packed with power.  Our memory colors our past pretty deeply based on everything that we are.   Journal-ing regularly helps you give a better assessment of happenings.  Journal in detail because it will highlight where the patterns and issues are thus making you aware of the truth of that area of your life.


  • Look at Yourself Objectively – this can be a difficult one and many people are simply not able to; this is when you employ trustworthy friends and listen to their criticisms with an open mind.   Seeing yourself from another person’s perspective will give you some insight into yourself.


  • Read Books –Read books that stretch you to grow and expand your awareness


  • Hire a Coach – A coach will support you in the journey to understand your potential i.e. what you have to work with and subsequently, use what you have to get you to where you want to go


You might not realize how often what you are doing has no correlation with what you want in life.  Over analyzing and over thinking gets you no where with self awareness because it is an “inside job.”It’s all about introspection.


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