How do you garden?

June 20, 2017

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How many "gardeners" do we have in the house?

I am not an avid gardener; I admire and appreciate from afar 😜 until today. I got on my hands and knees, twisting my body to fit through these twisty branches to simply get to the weeds.  The weeds!!!! These stubborn little plants that have found their way trapped in the bed of beauty the park is attempting to create.


Uprooted the weeds, some with extensive roots and others already growing on the tree itself. Raked the weeds and the dirt around the trees in this Park. All, in an effort to beautify the park, keep it clean for the community - our community.


It got me thinking, How do you tend to your garden... well your life?  How do you garden in your life?


Those weeds represent different things that take residence in our minds and hearts - Can anyone say "negative thoughts? " How about "negative SELF talk" anyone for "putting themselves down?" 


We are constantly bombarded with images and articles on social media, and television alike that make us question ourselves leading some of us to thinking of ourselves and uttering these dis empowering thoughts and words to our selves. Note, even though they are thoughts – YOU are ALWAYS listening!


How do you expect to grow and expand without weeding your mind? You must rid your mind of these self limiting behaviors – these thoughts and words that do not serve you.


There were some of weeds that proved stubborn, they looked like vines – they had wrapped around the plants and roots seemed like never-ending tentacles.  It took four people tugging at the same weed in order to uproot it completely!


Yes, some of these behaviors we engage in have been with us for years, deep seated that even you think and believe it’s YOU! No, it isn’t!  Some of these behaviors that are not serving us may be hard to uproot and stop. It's not always easy and yes, it can and most likely will be painful atimes - yet must be done if you want to move forward.


This is where you can use Support. You must have support around you - it took 4 people to uproot this one stinker- Surround yourself with the right people.  The people that will speak the truth to you, the truth with some compassion; surround yourself with cheerleaders, mentors, accountability partners. Hire support!! Get a Coach!


With our weeding and raking, the plant bed looked much more airy and beautiful, with room for these plants to grow as they are meant to and beautify the park. How would you like to make room for yourself to grow.​





Within the next 24 hours, ask yourself - how can you create more room for yourself to grow and expand?


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