Are you a Walking Pretzel?

June 6, 2017

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“Sure, I’ll do that for you.”

“Oh Yea, I can add that on.”

“Oh, all the same day, uhmm, well, I’m going to work and I have some homework to do; but wait, don’t worry, I’ll figure it, I’ll do it for you.”


Does this sound like you? Saying yes to every task, to every request thrown your way? Bending over backwards, sideways and every which ways to meet the needs of other people? your expense – time, peace of mind, rest?


This happens more often than I like for a lot of people around me.  And I’ve been there.  Mainly with family – I bent! Every which way to make sure everyone else was ok.  It doesn’t matter that I was practically a walking Pretzel – “It’s ok, I’m fine!” I whispered to myself.


I find it quite intriguing how at a tender age of 2 or 3, we seem to have only one word in our vocabulary – NO!


And then later on in life, our vocab box seemed to have leaked out that 2 letter word – NO! Instead, we have replaced them with questions and statements like:


“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if they feel hurt if I say no?”

“I feel bad or guilty, I should just say yes.”


What happened to our “NO” – did we run out of it because we possibly overused it when we were 2? Couldn’t be.





We begin to lose ourselves bit by bit; further clouding our potential until we are unrecognizable.  How do you begin cultivating and living out your own potential when you are wrapped up in every task thrown at you?


Begin creating boundaries – Healthy boundaries with people, with your job, friends, family, and social circles. 

Begin assessing if the requests are of value to you.  Will this expand you or not? Do not get trapped into what you “should” be doing.


Your time and energy is just as valuable as any others.


One more thing…

Ready to put “NO” back in your toolbox?

Join my group at where I am building a network of individuals who want to unveil their potential and lead a more fearless life.

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