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May 22, 2017

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Imagine a work week packed with meetings that begin no later than 9 am that you must take an hour and half commute to and your day does not end any earlier than 6 pm.  In between meetings, you have a bit of time to tend to some of the action items from the earlier meeting(s) or simply address other tasks that have popped into your inbox since you were away.


Oh, lest I forget, it is Monday – you have a call at 8pm for which you want to prep for and can use some privacy, peace and quiet before and during the call.  This means, take the call at home where you can be relaxed and have some privacy; alas, it’s 6:20pm and that hour and half commute still holds for you getting home.

So, what to do? Either stay back at work till 9pm and take the call there or reschedule your call for a different day and ensure you leave at 5pm. What will be your option?



I don’t know about you; when I have such days, I get easily frazzled, exhausted, can be short, and have a tendency to drop the ball somewhere.  And this used to be me, 85% of the time; needless to say, I’m practically running on empty by mid-week.


I was talking to a friend recently who seemed to be in a similar frenzy and it got me reflecting on how I got and still get through these types of days; I figured, if he’s having those days and I’ve had, someone else might as well - thought it might be useful for you as it’s helped me.


1.  Gratitude – There is something magical about gratitude! You want to begin each day being grateful!! Grateful for opening your eyes, grateful for your breath; grateful for another opportunity to gift the world with you, and grateful for other specificities you have in your life.  Writing down your gratitudes is a powerful exercise.


2.  Intentions - Start out your week (and days) with an intention.   Ask yourself - What do I want to manifest this week?  How do I want to feel this day/week? What mindset do I want to be in?  Setting intentions give you permission to go after that state of mind that you have set.  It gives you permission to say no to events, people, and things that are not in alignment with your intention.



3.  Choices –

  • Know that it's all about choices.  Know that every choice you make yields an outcome

  • Make a different Choice if the same one you've been making isn't working. It's OK.  If you must mutter to yourself as I did – “make a different choice,” then do it.  Even if it’s taking a different route to work.


4.  Gratitude – Back to gratitude - There is always something to be thankful for. Find something during the day to be thankful for - even if it's the littlest thing, find it and be thankful for it - speak it out loud and be specific about it.  Again, writing it down even makes it all better and powerful


5.  Surrender - Relax into what's happening Now! - Do not fight your reality, your now; do not dwell on yesterday and agonize about tomorrow. Take in the moment.


6.  Gratitude – End your day in gratitude.  You can conclude your days revisiting your intention asking yourself and reflecting – What did I manifest today? How did I do with my intention? What worked and what didn’t work? Learn from the day and offer gratitude to the what you learned.


Starting your day with gratitude and intention is life changing - it empowers you to be available to say no to what isn’t serving you now.  And knowing that it’s all about choices reminds you that you have an option; you can always choose differently leading you to unveil your potential. 


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