Naming it and Never Claiming it!

May 15, 2017

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I feel so stuck – I am so confused. I feel like I’ve been here before and I can’t get my foot out of the mud, I just keep sliding back in.

That’s what I heard a friend I spoke to a couple of weeks ago.


There are no good men out there, I’ve searched on a few apps and I’ve deleted the apps already.  I don’t trust Jane introducing me to a guy.   Change jobs? I can’t, the economy is horrible; it’s been like this for years – there are no jobs out there. I’ve looked at them all.  And this one that I have, I can’t leave because they need me and yet they keep treating me like shit.

Family? I don’t know how they are doing.  They never call me or come around.


I’m almost certain you have heard these types of stories before.  Every idea you bring up gets countered with something else and It can get exhausting and I personally feel almost helpless in those situations.


We hear this phrase quite a bit – “Quit playing the victim.” And this is a true and profound when you actually get it.  To get out of this rut and shift your life, you must move from that external focus to an internal focus of control.  You must get rid of the excuses.  In other words, you must begin to look inwards and quit playing the victim and take responsibility for your life.


I love what Marianne Williamson says in one of her Keynotes on The course of Miracles .  She says “Victimization is like naming the crucifixion and never claiming the resurrection.”

WOW – staying in that state of pointing fingers, “woe is me” leads you to no where.  You want to get to “claim the resurrection.”


And how do you do that? Well, you first must know that every choice you make — even small ones — will yield an outcome, you can then decide which outcomes you want. Every choice however, is tied to an outcome. Thus, every choice has meaning.


So start making some different choices and if it’s not the outcome you want. Change your choice! Do it again! And Again! Until you get the desired outcome. 


Also know that no one makes you do anything; in fact, nothing in the universe stops you from letting go or starting over, but YOU.  Make a choice to get out of your own way.


Surround yourself with the right people. Those that will encourage you, hold you accountable, and have compassion for you. 


You can write your story over – it’s not too late.


One more thing…


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