Are you at Peace with who you are?

May 10, 2017

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Imagine a life of accepting yourself and knowing that you know that you are enough just the way you are, right now!


Can you tally how many times in an hour you spend wishing things were different than it is.  How much of you is consumed with replaying what happened yesterday and 3 years ago and adding some new clips to scene or simply replaying the clips?


How many moments are stolen, by wondering and wishing, plotting on what could be tomorrow?


There’s a level of angst that comes up; at least I know that is true for me when I spend my ‘Now’ on yesterday and tomorrow.  And I hear this around me quite often and everywhere, about different topics.


In the Elevator – “When I lived in Paris 3 years ago, I was really good with exercising because I took the trains everywhere so I did quite a bit of walking.  Here – I don’t do as much, because the office is closer now.”


At the office –  That Lipstick looks great on you!  “Oh, what? This? Thanks, but I put it on to deflect from this huge zit on my chin!”


Doctor’s waiting room – “These phones won’t stop ringing – told them we don’t have late hours anymore. I’m not staying late today for this…..Dr….Office, Hold please”


Grocery store – “I don’t know why I come here,  the line is always long – these guys are so slow. It’s unbelievable!”


Even whilst my mouth is open in the dentist chair – I really wanted to be a writer and I probably would have gone that route, but everyone wants to be a writer and if you can’t get on Oprah, you can’t be successful anyways. So, I went for the dental assistant program.


Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth so eloquently describes that – Being at peace with who you are and being yourself are one and that peace happens in the “present moment.” 


It’s as though something out there keeps chipping away at you that you cannot be at peace with yourself now, that it must be in the future sometime or must have been in the past. 


Put differently, You are not good enough today and now – the “better you” was yesterday or possibly tomorrow.  Whether is your physical appearance, your job, your current skills, relationships.


This thought process creates a vile, vicious cycle of negativity and blockage that eventually results in you being stuck in life, unable to make any progress ; physically, professionally, personal, emotional, and psychologically.


Be attentive to your thoughts and your words.  Do not allow the future or the past rob you of being at peace with yourself now.


Make peace with who you are now because you are enough now!  And quite frankly, Now is all you’ve got!


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